Monday, September 29, 2014

We All Have That One Friend

*Heads up! Sponsored post ahead!*

Hey everyone what is up? How is everyone doing?

I am sure that many of you out there have come across a friend like this at least once in your life. The kind of friend who has too many of this one thing. Not sure if there was ever a craze for it but I am sure you had a friend sometime who did this thing. A lot. If you never did, you will one day. 


Shamus is this kind of person.

We all have that one friend who keeps changing his phone.
Yes. I’m talking about those friends who changes phones more often than he changes his underwear. 
Which is disgusting. I mean the underwear part. If you ever find a person who really changes his phones more often than he changes his underwear, maybe it's time to find a new friend.

Shamus is one of those friends who always had the need to have all the latest phone models so much that I am pretty sure he can open a mobile phone store with his phones.

According to Shamus, he got all of those phones for free. Of course he doesn’t have that many phones like in the comic. It was just highly exaggerated for illustration purposes. Who keeps that many phones anyway?

But if you ever had that burning desire to do such a thing, NOW YOU CAN!

DiGi is now offering the widest range of FREE smartphones, ranging from the latest Xiaomi to HTC, and also the best value for high performance phones such as Samsung Galaxy S5 & Note 3. Did I mention that they are FREE?

Now before you stampede the nearest DiGi center like a typical greedy Malaysians thinking of stuffing your pockets with free smartphones, here’s what DiGi has to offer for you to score that sweet new and FREE gadget that you have been eyeing for so long!

And you might not even have to beg like Jamus here.

All you need to do is to sign up with DG SmartPlan 78 which comes with 3GB, 100mins and 100 SMS at only RM78 per month! If you signup today you can enjoy extra FREE 100 mins & 100 SMS, plus rebates up to RM60. There’s more! DG SmartPlan gives you extra freebies – Unlimited WhatsApp, Free Norton Security & FREE music streaming app called Deezer! You can upsize your plan up to 6GB with DG SmartPlan 148!

Now that’s a plan! And who doesn’t like a FREE smartphone that comes with it? Get it today!

Have a great day ahead!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Gaming Consoles

Hello Monday! Let's punch it in the tits!

"In the tits?"
"...In the tits."

Hey everyone! How was your weekend? I wish it was longer.

Anyway, I'm trying to get back to my regular weekly comic postings but it has been ridiculously hard as my schedule gets wonkier and wonkier each passing day. Hence, a short comic this time round.

Enjoy. For 2 seconds.

Spiders get to use my Playstation more than I do.
As a kid, my parents never let me own a gaming console and I longed for one for the longest time. I would usually go to my friend's house just to get a chance at playing video games. As I grew up and had the capacity to earn my own money, it was like a dream come true but then it was short lived.

Yep. Nowadays, I hardly even have the time to play video games and I have so many uncompleted and even unopened games lying in my house. My gaming console has essentially become a dust collector. Is this what growing up means?

I miss you my Playstation.

I shall find time to enjoy you once again. *cue sarcastic laughter*

Have a great week ahead!

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Wow, that is the saddest sounding title ever.

Hey everyone! How is it going? Happy Thursday!

Well, I'm back! Yes I was gone for awhile as I was having one of the rarest vacations in my life and I am not even sorry about that. However, I do apologise that I haven't been posting anything new as when I got back, I got the worst jet lag ever (still having it) and there was just so much to do that I haven't even got the time to post anything new.

This is why you check your emails even though you are on holidays.

Things got really hectic that I didn't even get to announce the comic's fourth anniversary that was freaking NINE DAYS AGO on the 9th of September 2014. Yes. This series has officially turned four years old. It may only be still like a little baby but it felt like the longest freaking time ever.

Anyway, happy fourth year to my dearest comic! It's your fourth birthday and I missed it for the very first time but it happens, right? Thank goodness this comic isn't a real life four year old son of mine who would indefinitely resent me for forgetting his birthday.

So like every year during the comic's anniversary, here is a massive 12 framed comic to celebrate!


And it is also titled, "Sorry".

It is a never ending cycle.
Thank you everyone for showing so much love and support for the comic series and I would not have reached to this point without every single one of you showing nothing but love and laughter all along the way! The love you guys give was so intense that I actually managed to churn out TWO FREAKING BOOKS which has been quite a success and for that I really appreciate every single one of you!

Also sorry if I don't manage to reply your emails or messages quickly enough as I am really quite busy these days but I will do my best to actually reply you guys! Thank you guys so much!

A big shout out to my publisher Keropok Comics a.k.a. Advantage Quest Publications for assisting me in the actualization of converting my online comics into an actual physical book! Also to Popular Bookstore for being the best distributor around and always having my books on the shelves! Thank you to my Bros as well for still silently supporting me even though I have gotten really busy. You guys know you are awesome!

Happy fourth my dearest comic! You are a big boy now.

*manly tear*
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