Monday, August 29, 2016

How Much Can I Eat With RM5?

Hey everyone! Happy Mondays!

Look at this sad blog which I have not updated in months. I think the last post was like in January. A good seven months of nothing but silence and disappointment.

Hence I've decided to post something out of the randomness of my heart and if you are reading this then, wow, you still check back here? You are just the most awesome person to me right now.

I want to explain why I don't post here on this blog anymore (I am now more focused on uploading content on my Facebook page) but I shall explain that in another post. (hopefully we don't have to wait another 7 months for it)

Random transition into a totally unrelated topic!

Recently I got a little bit broke when I opened my wallet and noticed I only had RM5 left nestled comfortably in a whole bunch of random receipts. That was the saddest time of my week when I realised I had to actually figure out what can I eat with only RM5. Then I had a flashback of when I was back in primary school and realised how much I could eat for RM5 at the school canteen.

I was a fat little kid back then.
Kinda explains why I lost so much weight nowadays.

Anyways thanks for tuning in back here if you are reading this right now. I don't expect much visitors on this site nowadays. I feel like an old man living in a dusty old house waiting for people to come say hi.

In case I haven't mentioned it already, I actually actively post content weekly now on my Facebook page so do follow me there for new content!

I admit it was nice writing again on this blog. At least I get to express myself a little bit more here.

Take care. I'll see you guys again soon!
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