Monday, October 29, 2012

How To Spot Talented Girls

Hey everyone! I am back! For once I am not stating the obvious which is the days of the week. Thinking back, I think I might have been helping those who didn't graduate kindergarten so some good might have been done. I will continue stating the obvious in my next post onwards.

Anyway, I am back from my trip! I had very little access to the internet as I am not near any wifi spots during my trip but if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you would have noticed that I posted a pencil drawing of me riding an elephant. That was the only time I was near the internet. And yes. My pet velociraptor got jealous that I rode some other animal than him. Anyway, I just got back, so here is a simple comic strip from me this time round.

The other day, I introduced a new friend to my bro, Daryl and this is what ensued.

Yep. 'Talented'.
There are many talented girls all over social media nowadays. Especially those with 'inspiring' captions beneath them. I am utterly impressed by the size of them talents. Maybe they should try their best to hold them in before they burst out and impress even more people around.

Nah, I'm just kidding. Every bro would like to see talented girls. Fully expose your talents if you have to. If you don't get what I mean by now, it must only mean you are too young to be on this site. But hey consider that you are (vaguely) learning something new. Just to be safe, please don't go asking your mom.

Within the past minute, I am sure Daryl has successfully taught you well on how to spot great talents.

So much talent. So little time on the Internet.

Have a great week ahead!

Disclaimer: This has yet been another comic in conjunction with the breast cancer awareness month. Yes. This is the last one about boob jokes this final week. Cannot guarantee it might not come up again though. But I know you like it. Boob jokes rock.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

SUPERPLUG: RICOH Comic Contest "Make A Change in 100 Minutes"

Hey its Thursday! And if you are Malaysian, REJOICE! It's a public holiday tomorrow! Hello long weekend! If you don't have a holiday tomorrow, well, hey Thursday.

Recently a crisis hit the bros household. We were in for some serious trouble.

Yes. We are actually quite poor.
So, there is a comic contest organised by RICOH Malaysia where all you have to do is draw a minimum of a 10 panel comic with the the title "Make A Change in 100 Minutes."

Notice how it relates to their tagline? So clever.
The reason why I draw comics is because I love reading them and I love seeing works put out by others. It is always a great form of expression and sharing experience via comics. But even better if someone is going to give you a huge prize money and all you have to do is to just draw a comic! That's why when I came across this contest, I had to give a plug to it. You don't see many companies organizing comic contests like this nowadays. Either that or I have been sadly ignorant and misinformed all my life.

Join this contest! That's only because the prizes are amazing! And we love money!

Till today, no one has ever paid me that much for a comic. This is way too generous.
Even some regular jobs don't pay you that much. I'm talking about the grand prize.

So, in order to make sure that my bros and I don't become homeless idiots, it is quite obvious of what I am about to do.

I am joining the contest.
While Shamus continues to watch TV.

Make a change, bro. Get a job.

Everyone else, do join and may you win the second prize! I say second because I want to win the grand prize. Hopefully. But that's a long shot. That still doesn't change the fact that may you win the second prize.

For more contest details, check it out HERE.

Have a great LONG WEEKEND ahead!

I am going on a holiday!


UPDATE: Submission for comic entries are now over. Voting phase is now live! I submitted an entry so do head on there and help VOTE FOR ME! My entry is under the name "Ernest Ng Thye Sern". Thank you so much!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What's Your Bra Size part 2

Hey Monday is here!

"It's Tuesday already bro."

Hey Tuesday is here! How are you guys feeling? Sorry there wasn't a comic yesterday for your usual Monday reading. I had to endure a 24 Hour Comic marathon from Saturday to Sunday afternoon and by the time I was done, I went home and passed out till Monday. Upon waking up I realised that I have not drawn a post for Monday. I apologise for that but my human body could only take so much abuse that I silently resent why am I not a cyborg or a sentient robot.

So if you haven't heard from my Facebook or Twitter, I managed to complete my brutal 24 hours and drew a full 24 page of comics! I shall post it up soon somewhere in early November but I am still contemplating that decision because the comic is a little shit because after I hit the 14 hour mark, I was already borderline insane due to fatigue and was not sure of what I am drawing anymore so the storyline, pacing and quality got a little rubbish. So should I post it up anyway? Or do I edit it first? Or make it exclusive and only send to die hard readers like yourselves? Let me know what you think. Thanks!

Back to the topic at hand, we shall continue where we left off from the previous episode where Jon and Shamus tried asking a random girl her bra size. Yes. There is a continuation.


Disclaimer: This might not have happened. No one is that crazy. Not even Daryl. But then again, you'd never know what he is capable of.

Totally worth it? Or not?
Seriously. Even I myself doubt the validity of this story.

Is it really true, bro? Did this really happen? Was Daryl really THAT ballsy??

Or are you guys shitting me again?

Still, I think this is one crazy story if it really did happen.

Thanks everyone for being patient and sorry that I am not a cybernetic organism capable of drawing comics at a constant rate.

Have a great week ahead!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

B.R.O.S.: 24 Hour Comic Day Challenge LIVE!

Hey Saturday is here! But I am up early!


Today, being in the spirit of Being Random on a Saturday, I will be participating in the 24 Hour Comic Day Challenge where I will be drawing comics for a full 24 hours! That's right! I have officially gone insane!

From today Saturday 20/10/2012 12pm till Sunday 21/10/2012 12pm, I will be attempting to draw a 24 page comic alongside many other brave artists at the National Visual Art Gallery. If you have nothing better to do today, do drop by and say hi and we can take pictures or something but mostly I will be drawing my comic in retarded fury. But I will still say hi. Can't make it or too busy to meet me? No problem. You can still see what I am up to for the next 24 hours and I am about to tell you how.

Since I will be doing the challenge, there will be no comic posting today but however, there will still be content for you guys every hour from today starting from 12pm. How? I will be uploading live tweets and instagram-ing my progress every hour the moment I start my 24 hour challenge! So it is like you are there with me except that you comfortable and I am not.

So, follow me on Twitter or Instagram (username: ernestngBRO) to be receiving live updates every hour from 12pm today as I take on this challenge! If I missed out on my hourly update, I may have fallen asleep or died at my table in my own pool of my Red Bull infused blood.
Despite my utter confidence, I have a bad feeling it will not end well.
Or visit me at the National Visual Arts Gallery between this time frame (Saturday 20/10/2012 12pm till Sunday 21/10/2012 12pm) and enjoy watching me suffer! It's total win for you guys!



24 Hours! Here I come!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

What's Your Bra Size?

Hey it's Thursday!

Thank you, Mr. Captain Obvious is obvious.

In conjunction with the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, here is a comic which is boob related.

Do you know what the bros like to do in their spare time? Sometimes when there is no video games to play, no booze to drink and just basically nothing to do, the bros will sit and check out girls and guess their bra sizes. It helps work our mind and at the same time release stress and fight immense boredom. That is only IF there is TOTALLY nothing better to do already. We are not that big of a perv. But seriously guys do that. Sometimes.

It used to be a fun game to play until one of the bros decides to take it too far and then this happened.

We no longer play guess the bra size anymore.
hebat = talented

I do know of some friends who are girls who also play this game with us. No. That girl is not Jasmine. She slaps us.

It is all fun and games until someone gets slapped.

Yeah. I know it's a pervy game. But that only means we are normal. And bored.

Have a great weekend ahead!

P.S. I am going to participate in something brutally challenging this weekend! And you guys are the ones getting rewarded! What? How? Do follow me on my Facebook and/or Twitter to keep up to date and find out what it is!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Worst Places to Catch a Fart

Hey it's Monday and we are back toiling ourselves by doing sh*t we don't like so we can get some money and buy sh*t we don't need. Or if you are studying, studying sh*t you don't understand to sit for some exam and not even remembering any sh*t of it later when you are done with it.

Okay that's not exactly a good motivational sentence to start off the new working/schooling week. That's because someone farted in my face this morning.

A fart is a death cloud that everyone emits everyday but necessarily admit to doing it. I still try to believe that girls don't fart at all and don't tell me it isn't so because I would stab you for ruining that imagination of mine. Anyway, everyone farts. Fine. We act all natural and okay when we quietly do it. But what happens when someone else farts at your immediate vicinity? Where could be the worst possible place to catch a death cloud unexpectedly?

Here are a few possible scenarios. Some of which many of us might have experienced before.
Jon now knows why he always wake up with a bad taste in his mouth.
This strip was actually a really old idea of mine and I was against putting this one up as fart jokes are too farty but what the heck right? Everyone farts. But mainly because I didn't want this idea to go to waste. And I want to solidify the fact that Shamus farts in Jon's face. But you knew that already don't you?

You don't? You farty liar.

Just kidding.

So, what's the worst place you caught a fart before? Let me know in the comments below! Why? Because I am a busybody, that's why.

Have a great week ahead!

*fart fart fart*

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Why I Hate Consolation Prizes

Hey it's Thursday whats up!

Today's comic is a little bit more focused on my word play quirkiness. Only smart people will get it and find it funny. I think.

Have you ever joined a contest or competition where you hope you would win the biggest prize but you end up winning only the small one; fantasically known as the consolation prize? Do you enjoy winning them? How do you feel about consolation prizes?

I don't know about you but I do have a problem with consolation prizes.

Why? Because it's free.
I know I should appreciate them because at least I won something as they are still gifts to my effort in any sort of contest or competition despite how small it is. I guess the problem lies in from where the word comes from and it makes me feel patronized in a way. I do not wish to be 'consoled' with the cheapest prize. I do not need your pity!

But a prize is still a prize though and I'll keep it if it's useful. Yes. I am such a colossal hypocrite.

I still think they should call it something else instead of "consolation prize".

"They do, bro. Sometimes they call it 'honorable mention'."
"Oh...... Really?"

I feel stupid now.

Have a great weekend ahead!

Monday, October 8, 2012

SuperPlug: The Problem With NuffnangX

Hey it's Monday! Another working week ahead to fully 'enjoy'!

It's plugging time! Because I am a sellout attention seeking nutjob nice guy.

For many bloggers out there we always have this problem of reaching out to our readers. I, for example, have this problem where my readers sometimes just can't seem to be getting updates from me on a consistent basis. My updates do not appear on their Facebook wall, twitter or anywhere that is accessible to them. This usually happens on mobile! And since everyone is practically on mobile now, after a while, they would assume that I am not posting anything new, don't check back then disappear and never read my comics ever again and that means one less reader rendering me to flip out, do the monkey dance in my red underwear and periodically due to paranoia, quickly put them back on just in case Daryl walks in on me.

Okay. I lied. I do not know how to monkey dance.

So I decided to try something new, an app called NuffnangX. There seem to be one problem with it.

I am such a pain in the butt.
People get updated way too often and demand for my comic just increases and that is scary.

Nah just kidding. I love it when I get feedbacks like that. Thanks a lot guys! Your feedbacks are always the awesomest things I read in the morning.

So do follow me on NuffnangX and stalk me further! Now you can't say you do not know about my updates! Get NuffnangX on your mobiles now!

Or else, *stabby sab stab*. You know what I mean.

Have a great week ahead!

Disclaimer: Names in the comic above have been slightly edited to protect your privacy so that weird random people don't go looking you up. But if you see any similarities to your real name, you know this is my weird random way of saying hi to you. Hi.

Disclaimer 2: Yeah I know this comic might not be that funny as I have been having writers block recently. Promise usual content shall resume on Thursday. Do bear with me. Thanks guys!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

B.R.O.S.: Facebook Shenanigans #8 - Combo Breaker Hey

Hey how's your Saturday so far?

I think I am falling sick again. But I am hoping that is only my hypochondria acting up. Still, in all honesty I don't really feel too good.

Anyway, here is a B.R.O.S post for you with more Facebook shenanigans! Yay! Wait... why don't you guys seem excited?

Why, Daryl? Why?

I thought we were having fun.

But at least we know that Daryl always have fun on his own terms.

"Honk! Honk!"

Have a great Saturday ahead!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

How I Almost Died

Happy Thursdays everyone! Weekend is around the corner!

Recently there is a flu bug going on. So everyone please remember to take good care of yourselves, drink plenty of fluids and have sufficient rest and MAKE SURE YOU CLOSE YOUR DAMN MOUTH WHEN YOU COUGH OR SNEEZE IN MY DIRECTION.

I swear I will talk bad behind your back loudly if any one of you does that to me.

Anyway, I changed the blog title again for this series, from "How Gym is Good For You" to "How  I Almost Died." Yes. I suck at being consistent sometimes. I decided to go ahead with the which I had from part 3  because seriously I really think I have a higher chance of dying each time I visit the gym.

I think I will either die from a flu epidemic, or from brutality by Jon in the gym.

This is the last of the gym goodness story series! Hope you have enjoyed it thus far!

Read PART 1, PART 2, PART 3, PART 4

A full week of training only added 5 extra seconds.
Translation: Kiasu = Scared to lose

And that was how I built a consistency to work out  at the gym after that. All thanks to my determination to defeat Jon in wrestling someday.

But all that motivation dissipated after a month after several futile attempts at wrestling Jon.

Now I am back to being a gaming fatty.

I doubt any of the bros can defeat Jon in wrestling. I have seen him take down Shamus and Daryl together at the same time. That guy is built like a tank. True story.

But for some reason Jon never wrestled Jamus before. Maybe Jamus is the only one that can defeat him?

Have a great weekend ahead!


Monday, October 1, 2012

How Gym Is Good For You

Hey everyone! It's Monday!

Monday. Damn it.

Anyway I changed the post title instead of saying "How I Almost Became Fat, part 4" as I think it has become way too misleading. Therefore I think "How Gym Is Good For You" would be more appropriate.

Still misleading though.

So the story continues where the bros are still at the gym because Shamus and I got forced by Jon to work out and exercise. We shall continue from where we last left off on the bros adventures shenanigans at the gym.

Read PART 1, PART 2, PART 3 

What a misleading motivational factor.
Shamus might have bursted a few capillaries in his arms and neck with that sudden surge of strength and energy.

He had to sit down for awhile after that.

Jon is colossal troll.


Have a great week ahead!
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