Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What's Your Bra Size part 2

Hey Monday is here!

"It's Tuesday already bro."

Hey Tuesday is here! How are you guys feeling? Sorry there wasn't a comic yesterday for your usual Monday reading. I had to endure a 24 Hour Comic marathon from Saturday to Sunday afternoon and by the time I was done, I went home and passed out till Monday. Upon waking up I realised that I have not drawn a post for Monday. I apologise for that but my human body could only take so much abuse that I silently resent why am I not a cyborg or a sentient robot.

So if you haven't heard from my Facebook or Twitter, I managed to complete my brutal 24 hours and drew a full 24 page of comics! I shall post it up soon somewhere in early November but I am still contemplating that decision because the comic is a little shit because after I hit the 14 hour mark, I was already borderline insane due to fatigue and was not sure of what I am drawing anymore so the storyline, pacing and quality got a little rubbish. So should I post it up anyway? Or do I edit it first? Or make it exclusive and only send to die hard readers like yourselves? Let me know what you think. Thanks!

Back to the topic at hand, we shall continue where we left off from the previous episode where Jon and Shamus tried asking a random girl her bra size. Yes. There is a continuation.


Disclaimer: This might not have happened. No one is that crazy. Not even Daryl. But then again, you'd never know what he is capable of.

Totally worth it? Or not?
Seriously. Even I myself doubt the validity of this story.

Is it really true, bro? Did this really happen? Was Daryl really THAT ballsy??

Or are you guys shitting me again?

Still, I think this is one crazy story if it really did happen.

Thanks everyone for being patient and sorry that I am not a cybernetic organism capable of drawing comics at a constant rate.

Have a great week ahead!


  1. if really does happen,i think the girl gona shout and kick daryl in his balls n shout 'help!help!molestor!' lol

  2. KAHKAHKAHKAHAKAH.....my heart stopped just now...


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