Friday, June 19, 2015

This Ramadan, I Have A Date

Hey everyone! What's up?

A new post is that's what's up! I know I have been missing in action for the past couple of month and I've only managed to come up with a trickle of new content only and I bet that most of you guys must have given up on checking back on this site and there is a high chance that no one is going to read this at all.

If you are reading this right now, I thank you so so much. #terharu #manlytear

Yes, you read the title right! This Ramadan, I finally have a date! Finally, after all these while, I can tell people loud and proud that I finally have a date!

Before we move onto the comic, I would like to wish all my Muslim friends happy fasting and have an awesome Ramadan!

Now who is my date? Find out in the comic below!

It's not just any date. It's Yusuf Taiyoob.
I guess you will only get this joke if you are Malaysian. Every year, there is this annoyingly endearing radio ad that plays whenever Ramadan is upon us, promoting this Yusuf Taiyoob brand of dates. I've explored this topic twice before HERE and HERE.

I'm sorry if this is an awful joke. I know it is.

Don't worry all the good jokes are in my third book which is finally done and hopefully will be released in either July or August.

This comic is in no way sponsored by Yusuf Taiyoob but seeing the amount of comics I have done for them, maybe they should. Just whispering saying.

Happy Ramadan everyone and have an awesome weekend ahead!
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