Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bed Drools

Have you ever tried to reach someone over the phone but that asshole never seems to pick up? Like EVER?

Okay, I lied. That has nothing to do with today's comic.

Shamus sleeps, drools and leaves.
Shamus does this ALL the time.

Today, Jon has given up entirely. He has adapted himself to sleep in Shamus's drool.

Why does Shamus always takes a drooly nap in Jon's room? Nobody knows.

Have a great weekend guys!

*Shamus is gonna kill me this time*

Monday, July 25, 2011

Dreams VS Reality

I have a question for you guys.

Have you ever had a dream one night and it was so awesome which you think that it will come true so you try it out in real life?

Me neither.

But Daryl has. This is what he did.

Jasmine. Not to be f***ed with in the morning.

Night time dreams a lying bitch.

Daryl is coming for me again after this I'm sure. With a Bieber stick.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Brain Lag, continued

BAM! Turns out there's a continuation for last Monday's strip! What happens directly after Jamus suffered a brain lag and threw his untouched ice cream into the trash instead of the useless wrapper?

Read the initial part HERE in case you are just tuning in.

I bet a lot of people also have done this at least once.... Wait! You didn't? Dun lie... (I have never done such a thing because I am macho like that. OK FINE! I DO IT SOMETIMES TOO! But not like how Jamus does it)

We all love the Three Seconds Rule, don't we?
Thank God for the Three Seconds Rule! (so many wasted food was saved thanks to it)

Personally, I did not see Jamus in the act of picking and eating from the trash like a hobo. (hobo, NOT homo). Someone else actually told me about this.

Jon. He sees all. Beware.
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Have an awesome weekend ahead!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Brain Lag

Hey guys! It's Monday again! Time to start off another working week! Oh gosh sometimes I wish that it is still the weekend why isn't it the weekend anymore?? I had the shittiest weekend and I want it back!! Goddamnit Monday I hate you!!

Here's a comic to cure that Monday blues! If you have it...

Today's comic is an incident that happened recently in the bros household. I'm sure many of you experienced this before. (I personally don't because I am macho like that)

Distractions can be so distracting. Even for the simplest decision making processes.

Now Jamus will never know that nostalgic taste of that "old school" ice cream...

Continued in PART 2

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Smartphone Socializing

Happy Friday guys! Sorry about yesterday for the deviation from my usual Thursday schedule but here's the second comic of the week!

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Shamus made an observation lately. See what he has to say.

Today I fail at caption writing.
Aren't we all like that these days.

Have a great weekend guys! Next comic is on Monday! (I promise. Unless there's a delay I will definitely announce it on the Facebook page)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Damned Hot Weather

Good Tuesday folks! I am back! Here's a strip! (a comic strip, not a striptease. If you want one, you can ask one of the other bros. One in particular would oblige.)

Here is another series of "Know Your Bros Better"! Is it me or is it really hot lately? This comic's topic might seem a little familiar if you read this particular post from my friend's cartoon blog: the EggYolks. Check them out! They are a cute couple from Kuching:) Just in case you are wondering; No, I didn't intend to steal this idea from them. It is just an idea I had quite some time ago but they talked about it before I did. Anyways, here's my version of it!

So which is the best method?

Daryl is gonna kill me again after this.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Morning Toilet Rush

Looks like I'm currently not over with the toilet jokes. So do bear with me.(no I am not running out of ideas)

I have a great feeling this situation happens to almost everyone at least once in their lives.

It was the size of a Russian submarine.
Smells can be very off putting.

Anyways, a quick announcement (just in case you might be wondering later): I'm going on a holiday trip to East Malaysia in a few hours time. (Yes. This is a rushed post) Therefore, next Monday's usual comic will be posted on Tuesday instead (that is IF I am able to come up with a new comic in time) Apologies in advance!

In the mean time, have a great weekend guys!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Emergency Only

What a superb morning after surviving yet another worst case of diarrhea in my life crazy weekend with the bros!

I won't spoil today's comic by mentioning what it is about so read on...

What an asshole.
To make things more awkward than it already is,

I hate him so much.

Just in case you wonder how the hell did Jon get in; toilet doors nowadays have an unlocking mechanism from the outside (which you could simply use a coin to open locked toilet doors). That function is for emergency purposes only but Jon used it to his fullest advantage.

In his defense, it was HIS emergency.

Goddamnit, Jon.
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