Friday, July 15, 2011

Smartphone Socializing

Happy Friday guys! Sorry about yesterday for the deviation from my usual Thursday schedule but here's the second comic of the week!

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Shamus made an observation lately. See what he has to say.

Today I fail at caption writing.
Aren't we all like that these days.

Have a great weekend guys! Next comic is on Monday! (I promise. Unless there's a delay I will definitely announce it on the Facebook page)


  1. good one! it's so true... we are so consumed by technology!~~

  2. Well its a cold true fact that we are all indulge in now.

  3. lol.. i WAS thinking about that too the other day.. ppl sitting at old town together on the same table but facing their iPads.. playing games instead of talking to each other.. lol

  4. sad but true. Me and my friends are all using blackberries and whenever we hang out, there'd be laughter and chatter.. but inside the BBM instead of real live interactions...

  5. They are socializing through Facebook.

  6. @jamie: yeah! technology has its bad side.
    @stephanie: hi stephanie:) memang he zha dou. happened right in front of him sumore!
    @thatha: lol are you also like that?
    @ken: yes agree! especially angry birds! hanging out is not as fun anymore...
    @miea: i hope that dont affect peoples physical interaction or else we'll all become recluses!
    @ladyviral: hahah more like facebook stalking actually
    @snoopy: hi snoopy! thanks yea! hope you like my jokes:)

  7. Not really. If the conversation is boring then i rather face my phone. Otgerwise its always friends first.

  8. @thatha: haha good la like that. but most frens we have nowadays no matter wat also prefer to look at their phones or ipads.

  9. THIS! is so true! haha! good one Ernest! and yes i do blog occasionally. lol.

  10. lolz... Thankfully i don't worship gadgets like that. Entranced in virtual socializing which in no way can be as meaningful as real socializing.

    wait... what am I doing here?

  11. This is so true. Nowadays, everywhere I go, I see people using their phones only and not interacting anymore. They can't even take their eyes off their phone while walking.

  12. @felicia: lol good la! start ur cartoon blog! i wanna see more of potato people!
    @sumbuddy: HAHAHA ur last sentence cracked me up!
    @hui ee: thats so true. ppl nowadays cant leave home without handphone. including me! XD

  13. Kesian Shamus talking to himself the whole time... Hahahahahaha... Badass la you guys! Tsk tsk tsk!

  14. Lol, luckily my friends don't do that when I AM around...i will murder them. XD

  15. @tara: haha are u like that or are your friends like that?
    @pouleen: LOL yeah he was talking to himself the whole time. jon and daryl are total badasses
    @kelvin: hahah you have good friends! im so jealous! my bros if got chance will ignore you when they whip out their phones. shamus learnt the hard way XD


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