Thursday, July 7, 2011

Morning Toilet Rush

Looks like I'm currently not over with the toilet jokes. So do bear with me.(no I am not running out of ideas)

I have a great feeling this situation happens to almost everyone at least once in their lives.

It was the size of a Russian submarine.
Smells can be very off putting.

Anyways, a quick announcement (just in case you might be wondering later): I'm going on a holiday trip to East Malaysia in a few hours time. (Yes. This is a rushed post) Therefore, next Monday's usual comic will be posted on Tuesday instead (that is IF I am able to come up with a new comic in time) Apologies in advance!

In the mean time, have a great weekend guys!


  1. LOL, i thought he is going to school? Still can watch tv XD

  2. lol.. sometimes sharing toilet can be a dreadful thing :P

  3. the death of stench.... haha! happens yes :p

  4. You need air freshener in ur toilet -_-" lols...

  5. This happens to me all the time! so i must wake up earlier than my sis every morning!

  6. The lesson is..don't go in toilet immediately after someone has used it. lol. Wait 2 minutes to be safe. HAHAHAHA :D

  7. Adik yang sangat garang... Takoooooooooooooot!

  8. wow! i've been gone and there are so may comments! thanks guys! ur comments means a lot to me! sorry if this is a lil late.
    @kelvin: lol yeah he went to school without washing up in the end.
    @david: thanks david:)
    @ken: agree! always have to take turn!
    @pouleen: lol that was how deathly the smell was!
    @ladyviral: true!! i hate that smell! puts me off anytime!
    @glow: got! but it didnt work:(
    @wendy: haha! same situation!! sleep a minute later and u will have to suffer the stench!
    @lindy: but sometimes 2 minutes pass and the smell is still there. how? lol
    @sumbuddy: lol dun worry he is not that scary in real life. when he marah only scary.
    thanks for the comments guys! u guys are rawkasaurus!

  9. Yikes! Nasty! @.@
    "It was the size of a Russian submarine."
    You mean he didn't FLUSH?????? T__T Oh nooo.

  10. @liz: lol... that one you might have to ask Shamus himself... or Jamus.. only they both know.. im just assuming in the comic :P


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