Friday, July 4, 2014

That Whisper We Hear

Hey Friday!

And a surprise buttsecks comic today for you all!

Every once a year, every single Malaysian will hear this one singular whisper. It's not evil. It's not a voice in your head. It's not something you can avoid. It's not something that you don't know.

What is it?

It's annoying.
Happy Ramadan to all my Muslim readers!

In case you are not from Malaysia, Yusuf Taiyoob is a famous brand for dates and their radio ad involves a woman whispering the name in a sultry manner a few times in that 30 seconds. And it gets stuck in our heads.

This is not a paid ad for Yusuf Taiyoob in case you are wondering.

How many days are we in this fasting month anyway? I lost count. I could try fasting like you guys but you already know that I will fail. Keep up being awesome!

Have a great Ramadan ahead!


  1. Classic Joke~ xD
    *Whispers* Yuuusuuffff Taaaaaaiyooob.......

  2. what's the whispering about? i don't get it

  3. yusuff taiyoob.......
    anyways you could try to fast for half a day and see how that goes.

  4. hahahaha i am so irritated by that whisper ad!:p

  5. a brand for dates? what kind of dates :D

  6. today is the 5th day

  7. this girl whispering really stuck in ur head right? LOL!! enjoy the bazar Ramadhan to u n the bros..


  8. Hahaha! Is it Daryl likes to mention "Yusuf Taiyoob"? :P

  9. LOL I did that a lot and my friends were annoyed as well =D

  10. Whats yusuf taiyoob?


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