Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Stop. Just Stop.

Hey, happy Wednesday!

I know I haven't been posting on my usual Mondays and Thursdays but hey a little surprise buttsecks comic never hurt anyone!

So actually I had a new comic ready to be posted tomorrow but then something serious happened early this morning and I took some time after waking up to digest that information and actually decided to make a comic about the situation.

It was none other than heart breaking so here is a comic which serves more as a public service announcement.

It is not even funny.

You can make a difference (?)
Yep. Turns out that the World Cup semi final match between Germany and Brazil this morning was buttsecks brutal. By making this comic, it is official that I'm the salt rubber.

I'm such an awful person.

To be honest, I actually felt quite bad for the Brazillian fans. Seeing how devastated they look each time the Germans scored a goal. It also didn't help that their anguish was captured in super slow motion. This could only mean one thing:

That cameraman is a dick.

He is definitely a more awful person than me. I don't feel so bad now.

One down. Three to go. Who will be the World Cup champion this year?

Have a great rest of the week ahead!


  1. Memes. Memes everywhere. I actually felt really bad for the Brazil players after half time because they were getting boo-ed by their own supporters >_<

  2. Germany is going to win the world cup!

  3. There goes my Brazil jerseys.... T__T I hope Argentina wins... I like their jersey.....

  4. It should be Germany Vs Argentina in the finals, so that Germany can repeat the 4-0 victory over them!! Muahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  5. Kesian Jamus...

    Oh well, past is the past. Lets root for Germanieeee! :D:D


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