Monday, December 20, 2010

Slowest Reaction in the World

Hey folks! Monday is here once again! As usual always, a comic treat for you!

Had to rush through another comic once again! This is gonna be a busy week for me as Christmas is approaching! Hope I can pull out more comics before the end of the year to give an awesome 2010 farewell and a wicked 2011 start to this wacky series!

This was an incident happened recently. I guess it must have happened to anyone (even you!) at some point in their lives. An incident where most of us are lucky enough if it never occurs in public. Still, it is kind of degrading in a way to the victim. What kind of incident? Read on.

You got pants'd!

It was the longest 10 seconds of Jon's life and the most relatively awkward one at that. There was a chick present when this scene occurred. Why didn't I draw her in? Even I'm finding it hard to figure that one out. Still hope you guys enjoy this week's strip!

Jon, just pull up your pants already la for goodness sake.


  1. lolx,just after the camp than pant kena pull ad,haha.kelian

  2. kesian betul bro.jon

  3. this actually reminds me of the good old days during my primary...where all the boys keep pulling others' pant or touching their "private" parts... ;P

  4. laughing so hard at that last frame!


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