Monday, January 2, 2012

SPONSORED: Carlsberg's Where's The Party 2011

This is a sponsored post.

Happy New Year everyone! It's Monday already? It's 2012 ALREADY? I really need to get a grip on the current flow of time. Anyways, let's start off the new year with a sponsored comic!

About two weeks ago I was invited to attend a yearly event organized by Carlsberg, mainly known as the "Where's The Party" event. Now I am not very familiar with this event but I was told that it is like a secret party where no one will know where the location is until the organisers actually bring you there. The guests gather at a meeting point, get loaded up on a bus and are taken to the party's secret location.

The organisers could easily kidnap people en masse but we all know that would be a total PR nightmare for Carlsberg. Besides, the Carlsberg's Where's The Party is known to be the most happening event organised by them every year and kidnapping people would be absolutely counter productive.

I went alone. No. I did not bring the bros along.

P.S. Where's The NEXT Party?

I seriously should have brought the bros along.


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  2. you could get 350 x 5 so you can get 5 jackets :D

  3. I would have said no for the very same reason scared that they will kidnap me! Lols...

  4. Hahahhaa.. yeah you should have brought em along..:))

  5. great fun! next time should ajak all to go instead. lol

  6. LOLLLL (Lots of laugh laugh laugh laugh?)

    So, that jacket belongs to who now?

  7. any of them wear i think will make your jacket out of shape....

  8. hahahaha....Carousel the way...noticed shamus lost his shirt in the 2nd frame, last row but b4 n after got shirt. XD

  9. haha the previous wheres the party is awesome. this 1 not bad la. hopefully next one will be great and hope to see u there:)

  10. @anonymous: wah! i would play until i die of exhaustion! not easy to collect 350 points what more 5x that amount lol!
    @glo-w: haha even if it was for a fun event?
    @aujinz: ya! menyesal didnt bring them! hilang jacket gua!
    @shirley: i know i should have T.T
    @fina: now? definitely not me lo.. haha
    @long: haha how come?
    @traveller: haha yeah ride to carousel for points as well! anyways, thanks for noticing that mistake! so embarassing! corrected it already haha! my first major conti error D:
    @wilee: you were there? omg! lol yeah hopefully next year one even better!!

  11. hahaha if they rich enuff, make it in Damai Kuching :D

    then i can join u guys wahahaha

  12. I was invited but too bad...
    something happen at the last minute
    and so I failed to attend... :(

    If look so fun~ just as fun as I expected.
    I must go for the next one!!! MUST!!!

  13. ern, did u actually ride the horse? u serious?!?

  14. So funnnnnnnnnn~ Enjoy lar! Yeah, too bad the bros didn't go. Something would've happened! xD

  15. wow, Y U NO WIN 2 jackets? Then can gimme one! hehe :)

  16. I want!!!!!!! (if it's organized in Damai Kuching =_=")

  17. Ha ha ha.. for sure they will do that,me also will do the same thing, but damnnnnn, the free flow of beer really envy me.. T_T.v..

  18. So kesian that the bros took your jacket.You worked so hard to get it,you even ride the merry-go-round!haha!

  19. Tsk tsk tsk where can lah bro, got booze myah party never ajak your bros. Cannot lah! :P

  20. @ken: I LIKE THAT YOU LIKE! lol!
    @jian: lol that is if they willing not to cut cost la!
    @eesoon: oh no! such a waste! we could have met! go for next one yeah!
    @yy: yes. yes i did. in full machoness.
    @liz: not only something. i think EVERYTHING would have happened! lol
    @eggyolks: haha y u and jian want it in damai kuching? there happening ah?
    @aki: wah you will steal my jacket too? yup! free flow ALL NIGHT LONG!
    @syun: i think i loved the merry go round the most! haha! easiest to score points no need effort
    @vince: haha i didnt know it was free flow. i is event noob.

  21. i saw you there... ;)

  22. how to get in???!!!! (for the party)


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