Saturday, July 14, 2012

B.R.O.S.: Those Three Words

Happy Saturday everyone! Today's posting is really early because right now I am about to go out and spend an entire day till late night attending events which is so obviously gonna tire me so much that I do not know if this weekend will be enough for me before Monday comes by again.

But who the hell cares, right?

It's time to be random on Saturday again.

Anyways, in today's B.R.O.S., sometimes girls get vague and keeps talking about a certain three words they would like to hear from time to time from the person they love. Or something like that. We do not understand women that well. However, being curious busybodies, we would really like to know what are those darn three words that girls ALWAYS mention about?

Perhaps Daryl has an idea.

Apparently that's not it. 
I think it actually is, "Want a cookie?"

I don't know. Seems legit though. Everyone loves cookies.

In your opinion, what are those three words that can be strong when said by the right person at the right place and at the right time?

Too many criterias if you ask me.

Have a happy Saturday ahead!


  1. The three words are I love you

  2. its "i love you". y u no listen...

  3. I actually thinks is "Are you hungry?"

  4. Grammar nazi reporting for duty, sir!
    "Let's have sex" is actually a four-words sentence. "Let's" is actually the contraction of "let us".

    Anyway... BOOBIES!

  5. Ahaha. Wasn't "I love you" the first thing to cross your mind? xD
    Maybe I'm just old-fashioned! ;)

  6. "Hi, I'm .... (insert name)" ???
    "Hi, I'm rich ;)"


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