Monday, July 16, 2012

SPONSORED: Mr. Asahi Live In Malaysia!

This is a sponsored post.

Hey Monday! A long comic comes your way today!

About several weeks ago, the bros were lucky to be able to attend Mr. Asahi's party after being invited and doing a special dance for Mr. Asahi himself earlier. Needless to say, the day finally came where the bros were able to have access to unlimited amount of refreshing Asahi beer!

Still a source of creative imagination.
Fun, dance, games and babes were aplenty at the party. Not to mention as well as a robot serving Asahi to everyone that night which was totally an icing on the cake.

This was  the first event where all five bros managed to attend. And the bros don't usually get to attend many events. But as usual, things did not go as easy. For me at least.

Here is why.

We had an immensely fun conversation.
Though anyone around us didn't really understand what we were saying.

We sat there till the event was over and all the lights were turned out and security actually asked us if we would kindly leave the premises.

It was more likely we totally forgot about the time.

Talk about having too much fun.

"I was born in Asahi!"
"Shut up bro."

Have a great week ahead!


  1. ahahaha gila mabuk you guys, LOL!

  2. LOL! the BROS will always be BROS! :D

  3. Even though I don't drink. i want to go to their next event where they are sponsoring miyavi~~~ huhu. ok, out of topic... XD

  4. Why am I not surprised at how the event turned out for you guys.... XD
    Also, cool robot from Asahi! I want one just to serve me drinks all day.

  5. 23 years old must be Mayying :P

  6. Wow, for the first time, there was no crap with the Bro.. I mean, that's what U show here rite?? :P.. Tell me if U guys have another things in the pocket.. :p

  7. epic lol! suddenly at the grass there, speaking like.. brits? XD


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