Monday, July 30, 2012

EVENT: Fatboy Slim In KL Live!

Good morning Monday!

If you had a childhood and you are into football, there's a chance that you might have heard of this name Fatboy Slim, a.k.a. Norman Cook. He is the guy behind that iconic song, "Rockafeller Skank", from the FIFA 99 football video game. You know the one that goes like this "right about now the funk soul brother, check it out now the funk soul brother" and that is the only lyric of the entire song. Really. But it's catchy as hell.

Never heard of it? Mr. Google is your friend.

No internet? Wait. How are you even reading this now?

Anyway, I heard that he is finally coming to perform in KL and I really wanted to go finally see this guy rock the stage. So a couple of weeks ago, thanks to some really awesome people in the Stickman's hideout, I was given the opportunity to attend his show and finally see this DJ legend in real life!

I couldn't bring all the bros along so I decided to bring Daryl as he is the epic dancing bro.

Here is what happened.

No birds were actually killed in the making of this comic.
Disclaimer: I know the pictures are shitty as the place was so packed I couldn't even move to a better position to grab a nice picture of the legend on stage. Also, I'd rather be partying than trying to be a photo journalist that night. The music was seriously that good.

Daryl was a happy little dancer that night and it was seriously worth every ounce of energy to attend and really feel this event despite how tired I was that day. Fatboy Slim is definitely awesome.

I was killing birds with stones as well that night. Duh.

The music event was brought to you by Heineken in conjunction with the launch of its new iconic bottle, featuring "innovative details that provide a contemporary appearance and overall enhance the overall drinking experience."

Wow. I had no idea a bottle could do that.

Anyway, I look forward to the next international music act presented by Heineken. Those guys really know how to throw a party!

No. No birds wanted to give me their number that night.


Have a great week ahead.


  1. The amount of boobs in this post are too damn high!

    I like...

  2. its a shame when ppl go to concerts and spend all their time trying to get the perfect photo. i say if you want a professional photo, google is yr best friend!

  3. Daryl Daryl, you got to have him in every event LOL

  4. "What is this fat guy gonna do?" LOL

  5. well, dunno who is fat boy slim? his childhood is very wonderful then LOL

  6. Ahahaha, thar night was awesome. All the people went nuts when he showed up.

  7. Did you even ask in the fist place? The bird's number? ahahhaa

  8. A word of advice: No bird would give you their number if you're trying to kill them with stones..:-)

  9. Oh my, i tot all birds are into daryl or you that nite la.. :D.. i mean 'birds'.. :D

  10. Replies
    1. literally, a fat boy who is very slim. =D

      awesome DJ, most of us who r born before 1990 would have heard of him.

    2. really? wow... that explains. imma 1991 baby :)

  11. ♫♪ chek it out now.. the funk soul brother ♪♫.. XD

  12. I only heard of Fatboy Slim....cos he was coming to KL :P But haha, Daryl must have looked really weird "a while dance, a while stop" xD

  13. Don't know that song, heard a little on youtube and haha it sounds catchy! And LOL I was confused until that last frame :P


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