Saturday, July 7, 2012

B.R.O.S.: Live Chat and Another Newspaper Interview

Good Saturday morning guys! I'm writing this post while enjoying a steaming hot bowl of laksa which I am proud to say that I made it myself!

It tastes horrible.

Anyways, I have a great announcement to make! If you have been following me on Facebook and Twitter, last night I announced that I have been fortunate enough to be granted an opportunity by the people of to have a slot on their live Star Chat session!

Finally you can see me in person and how I actually look like in real life.
Yep! That's right! On the 10th of July 2012 at 9:00pm Malaysian time, I will be live in front of a webcam for an hour talking to everyone who comes by and answering all of your questions (if you have any that is). So, make yourself free this coming Tuesday 9pm and come chat with me! We will have a good laugh and a good time!

I have also invited some of my comic blogger friends, such as Pouleen Low and Dan Khoo (this guy has a Youtube Channel as well) to come by to the chat as I think it would be nice to see some familiar faces on the chat window. Mainly so I wont feel so lonely when I am seated alone on the couch in front of the webcam. Maybe you can ask them some questions too!

However, being the trolls they are, I am not so certain that they will be giving me an easy time in front of the webcam.
For those uninitiated, TFK simply means wanking.
I have a feeling it is going to be a really fun hour.

So, don't forget! Tuesday at 9pm only on! See you guys there!

Also, I will be featured in the News Straits Times's Life and Times section on Monday, 9 July 2012! They were kind enough to contact me to do a short interview with them last week and I had a really awkward photo shoot session with them. Do grab a copy of it and read a little about me but mostly laugh at my stupid face.

Have a great Saturday!


  1. TFK and have sex at the same time... it's hard to imagine. Sexception! LOL

    1. it is like having 2 things need to doing it. sounds so busy lmao

  2. tfk, draw comics, having sex, eat burger? fakk!!!

  3. huhu... have class. it's oke, I'll send Aki to harrass you in my stead. hehehe

  4. Awwww man. I missed it! But CONGRATS! Awesome weiiii :D


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