Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Welcome! And Another Handphone Story

Finally transferred everything from the Facebook page to here! Phew! It was more tiring than I thought imaginable!

Oh boy! A new comic this week! Sorry this was supposed to be up on Monday but here it is as promised. A delayed comic so I guess this makes it a Tuesday comic!

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Do click back to see the old posts and comics and leave some comments there! If you do, you will get an extra comic to view this week! Hidden comics FTW! So SURPRISE guys! This week is a double comic week on one single day! Hope it was worth the wait for you guys!

Here's another take of Jamus's issue with handphones. I believe almost everyone has experienced this situation before.

click to enlarge

I know right? Sometimes don't you just wish your "that one friend" would just freaking pick up his damn phone!? 

My message to them:
"You! Yes you! Person who never always picks up his calls! Your friend is just trying to call you! What are you the President or something? Busy? At least return the call or leave an sms! It only takes like 10seconds! Yes, you! I'm talking bout you in my comic!"

Jeez. Pick it up already. 


  1. picture of jon in shamus's room? COOL!

  2. cb guan also always didnt pick up his damn fucking phone!!!

  3. I always does that too! I hate my mobile phone!!!! :P

  4. tu bilik jon kan? dan tu tilam jon yang shamus suka buat peta

  5. @sherli: thanks sherli :D
    @eric choo: haha long time never see you guys d weh!
    @pauline: aww...dont hate your phone.. who knows it might be an important phone call :P
    @brat2104: haha! yeah that is INDEED jon's room! great eye! glad you noticed it! haahha

  6. Been checking out ur previous post, since u ask to comment, so I comment here la, haha.
    Really like the way you draw Jamus, so Him. xD
    But y izit u always drew urself wif serious expression?
    R u that "serious"? Ahem.

    P/S: I'm Jane btw, if u noe which Jane. xD


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