Monday, November 29, 2010

Show Me Your Dick, parts 1 - 5 + BONUS FRAME

Ok, I've uploaded this series before on the official Facebook page but I just love it so much so I'm posting all parts from the series into one long post! Make a cup of milo and take your time to read this!

So, I realised Daryl hasnt got much appearance time yet so I'd thought I'd introduce him a lil bit on his odd behavior. Not trying to portray him being a homo but he sometimes requests the darndest things from his friends. In other words, he's a pervert.

Yes. This situation happened right before my eyes. And only the first part of this story...

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Part 2: The continuation of Daryl and his quest (to look at his friend's dicks). I was his first target! Will he succeed or will he fail?

Apparently not.
Of course fail la! Do you think I would let him see my dick??

Part 3: This time he goes after Jamus! Will Jamus succumb to Daryl's odd request?

Not happening.
Jamus apparently has extremely quick thinking.

Part 4: Daryl goes for Jon once again! This time: an ambush attack!

So close, Daryl.
Part 5: Conclusion! The reveal! Whose dick does Daryl finally gets to see? Shamus finally steps in!

Not even a peek?
The moral of the story applies to everyone who comes into contact with Daryl. Just don't do it. Its never worth it no matter how funny the situation is. 

Daryl, you will never see our dicks.

This is what happens if you don't heed my warning. You will end up like Shamus.

Note: Jamus calls Shamus "kor" because they are brothers. For those who don't get it, in hokkien, "kor" means older brother.

You have been warned! Heed or suffer the trauma in a corner.


  1. haha.. yes we are. i have weird friends. i dont know if thats a good thing or not

  2. hahaha. cool friends! seriously. xD

  3. huahahhahahaa rofl xD
    why the hell he wants to see yours all?
    His one not good enough? :p
    This one made a good start of my day hahahhaa
    Thanks Ernest ^^

  4. haha i also have no idea. some people say he is doing research. i'm sure his dick is glorious enough. he is just curious of others i guess. glad this made ur day:D

  5. lol.. funny.. the inside story to a guy's mind?? hehe

  6. haha yes i think so! guys and their sizes!

  7. hahahha! no work to do ah? xda kerja ka? hahaha. so funny la u..

  8. @cik bucken: hi cik bucken:D haha memang he got no work to do. he actually asked all of us that question. awkward max!!

  9. siapa yang paling normal antara semua ni? hehe

  10. @brat2104: i pun tak tau la haha... mungkin i kot... but the bros will disagree... they think they are normal...

  11. YOu have weird friends, but they give you content for your comics! AWESOME ba! xD

  12. @liz: lol. none of them is normal. i have no idea which radioactive dump they have been playing in before i met them. still, they are the awesomest bunch ever!

  13. this one got me laughing real hard! BHAHAHHAHHA!!

  14. hahaha , why daryl so obsess with his bro dick...

  15. Daryl is a GAY guy, however, wanna see my dick? you can suck it too...


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