Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Teacher's Day!

Good Monday everyone! Looks like today, (I'm unsure about the rest of the world), in Malaysia, today is Teacher's Day! It's a day where school kids get to give presents and appreciate their teachers and goof off the entire day during lessons as apparently Teacher's Day in Malaysia is like a holiday for all the teachers but you still have to come to school but not teach.

So, in conjuction to show my love and appreciation to all teachers of Malaysia, here's a special Teacher's Day comic for you guys! It's another one for the "Know Your Bros Better" series!

Seriously, Daryl why won't you tell me???
 Ok I'm not trying to portray teachers as being sadistic beings that constantly rain on our parade. Someone told me that the teacher I drew in this strip looks like a scary shark but that's not the point! To look at it in another way, we were the rascal ones that sometimes infuriate our teachers. I guess it's their care and love that we didn't turn out so crazy and demented today. (C'mon. Daryl might have turn out even worse without the aid of teachers)

Show some love to your teachers today! Give them a call, give them some gifts, whatever! A big hug and a slobbering thank you goes a long way into their hearts!

To all teacher's of Malaysia: Selamat Hari Guru!

Stay in school, kids! (I've always wanted to say that)

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  1. im sure the teacher might be so stress facing student like that!! hehe..:)

  2. :D haha i know!! daryl mmg ada gila sikit.

  3. Very nice & entertaining... I've seen friends did such antic but i was a good student in school :D

  4. wow! my dearest Mr.Ernest play Pokemon cards! So cute la... Anyway, it really reminds me of all the little rascal thing I did in school & I'm really glad for their patient & care given during my days of havoc! Thanks for reminding! ;)

  5. pokemon cards? lol so long long time ago kinda miss thoses memorys XD

  6. has any of the brothers a secret crush and their lovely looking teachers?

  7. @jamie: thanks jamie! good student? u never did anything bad before? so kuai meh...
    @pauline: hmmm... how rascal were u in school last time i wonder...
    @rascat: hhaha u play pokemon cards too?
    @VELARian: hmmm dont think so... maybe shamus has! have to confirm wit him!

  8. hahahaha daryl.. reli do that?

    XD funny

  9. yes green. he did that. once. he wont tell me what happened after that.

  10. he really did dat??? wow!!! got so berani...!!! mesti cute kan? ehehhehe


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