Monday, May 2, 2011

Pengotor, Part 8

Happy Labour Day everybody! I know that was yesterday but if you are in Malaysia, today is still considered a day off! (Yes, we replace holidays) So time to sit back in your underwear at home and do whatever the hell you want!

So, in conjunction to a national holiday where we are supposed to bum around all day and do nothing, today's episode will be a special 9 frames edition! Surprises! Hope you guys like it!

This week's strip shows what happens on the other side of the room before Jon finds out about Shamus's Facebook status.

First time here? Read these parts first before proceeding!

Not one of Jon's best moments.
Have a great day everyone!

Continued in PART 9


  1. haha.. if it was me, i would throw it at his face.. haha.. urm but maybe not, i wont touch dat dirty underwear, yeeeekk.. haha

  2. Kesian Jamus.. >.<

  3. i would seriously like to see daryl's reaction ROFL!!

  4. ewww, can't he wash the underpants 1st?

  5. *La la la.... Shit my pants... la la la*
    What tune was he singing it to? :p

    Want to scold the little brother, got mean look from the elder brother. LOL!

    Jon should have washed it by hand...

  6. @sarah: haha.. jamus just wanted to return what belonged to jon. he already touched it in the beginning so i guess he might as well bring it to jon.
    @hengyie: not kesian jon meh?
    @adrian: haha too bad we did not record that down on a video or picture or anything:(
    @una: haha i think he did. the stain still remains.
    @sumbuddy: i have no idea what tune he was singing at lol. fun fact: shamus is actually the elder brother. jamus is the youngest of the bros! XD

  7. @ernest
    LOL, I totally forgot that, 'cuz Jamus looks more like an adult than Shamus, appearance- and attitude-wise! ;p in comic that is... I dunno about IRL.

    In this comic, u just turned Jamus into the *most scariest* bro, albeit being the youngest. 1 short 'marking' sentence for 4 squares of long mean look, concluded by a small but powerful act of disapproval... :shivers:

  8. in real life is still the same i might be older but life i a playground for dam awesome(high pitch)!!!

  9. @sumbuddy: haha well both of them get that all the time IRL. most ppl will naturally think jamus is the elder brother. looks like i have been successful in translating that into my cartoon! yay me! i might have exaggerated jamus in this strip, he is NOT THAT scary IRL lol XD
    @shamus: apa ni type comment here also got typo. haha

  10. @shamus: That's the attitude! Woohooo! Life is a PARTY!

    @Ernest: Congratulation! I'm looking toward the character development in this comic strip. :) Macam biographical documentary, except that it's highly dramatized... and cartoonized.
    From the attitude i see depicted in your comics, you guys seems to all have this 'rich people personality'. Are you all rich? Cam lepak2 jer life korang... I think Ernest got rich parent.

  11. @sumbuddy: yes, looks like you got it! its a cartoon biographical documentary with added drama flavoring!
    ok, what makes you think we have 'rich people personality'? seriously, i get damned impressed whenever you explain your observations based on just through the comics alone! XD

  12. @ernest: I dunno. I did not exactly have much of an explanation. It's more like an intuition. Maybe it comes from years and years of being an observer and mingling with a lot of different people, with a little exposure from reading some psychology books (and a lot of comics :p).
    So it's true you bros are rich and you, ernest, got rich parent? Wow, i myself did not expect to be right on the last part. Maybe you are too damn good depicting the essence of the bros in the comic that actually anyone can tell. Tabik tuan ernest. OSZ

    If I am to explain, I'd say these are the combination of clues:
    1. You guys live in a house rather than in an apartment.
    2. You guys aren't conventional.
    3. A strong social behaviour (i can't pinpoint this one), except ernest. I think you are an introvert, or the least extrovert of all bros. (This is why i said that you most probably got rich -and if i may add- 'successful' parent).
    4. You guys don't seem to use much chinese language. I think you guys mingles a lot with non-chinese, or at least more than the average chinese (i.e not racially conservative). This rules out that you guys come from middle class.
    5. You guys have wacky sense of humour, and don't mind being made fun of - a sign of freedom from material and social anxiety.
    6. Your circle of bros includes a pilot (which i dunno which one, the banner ad below says jon being the pilot, but from facebook i see daryl got picture of him in pilot uniform next to a plane).

    But of course, any interpretation drawn from superficial assessment is only as good as buying lottery tickets.

    p/s: Wah, this comic can be made into my personal psychology project. :p Seriously, I'm going to follow this comic like a devout worshiper.

  13. you did it in point form! nice! love ur explanation! wont say its 100% wrong but its also not 100% right (bummer D:) good guess tho as it is mostly right!

    you really study psychology? if ur still studying you are free to use this comic blog as a case study for your thesis lol XD

    indeed, "any interpretation drawn from superficial assessment is only as good as buying lottery tickets.".... where the hell are you getting such awesome quotes????

  14. I won't even want to hold that dirty underwear if I were him...


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