Friday, May 27, 2011

Dogsitting: Part 2

Hey guys! I'm back! Sorry I had to postpone the upload of Thursday's comic to today. Well, you can't say that I didn't inform you guys because I did post it up on the comic's official Facebook page on Wednesday.

So, we continue the story of the bros' dogsitting adventure of Jasmine's dog, Mocha. In case you were just tuning in, click here to read PART 1.

This time we take look at Jon.

Disclaimer: This may not have happened and it is only a major exaggeration on my part.

 This STILL does not count as dog abuse, right?

Continued in the NEXT PART


  1. I... cannot... breath... too... funny... XD


  2. @sumbuddy: lol! thanks bro!
    @sky wolf: thanks! glad u like it! but dont do that to your dog! lol!
    @eggyolks: haha dont worry he didnt exactly do it like that. i just exaggerated that scene. it was very much milder in real life and the dog was perfectly fine:)

  3. so pity on mocha~~such a cute dog but bully by jon~ >.<"

  4. lol.. jon playing wit mocha only ma:)

  5. haha..mocha will get phobia to jon lor..

  6. mocha memang phobia at jon d... also at daryl... hahaha

  7. haha..lolzz...mocha gonna continue suffer bcuz of them..
    to jon n daryl..treat her nicely lar..she so cute..

  8. yalo! mocha suffer cos of us! haha... dont worry jon and daryl take care of her very well. only sometimes they bully mocha LOL


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