Thursday, December 29, 2011

SPONSORED: Celcom's Blue Rusa Award 2011

This is a sponsored post.

I need some form of a cool gadget. Like a smart phone or a tablet. I never have any of those mainly because I am broke most of the time. Even kids these days are seen tinkering around with them (no, it is not even daddy's!) and that makes me jealous. Currently, I look like a techless hobo and half the electronics I own are half broken.

Damn it.

So, I came across this online contest by Celcom and I think it could be my one ticket to getting a tablet which I so desperately want but not necessarily need, without paying a fortune for it. Still, it’s one of the simplest contest I’ve ever seen since ever.

I've always wanted to call myself a blue deer. 
All I needed to do was to write a headline and submit it and I could actually stand a chance to win a Samsung GALAXY Note and also claim the Blue Rusa Award 2011, thus officially becoming a blue deer who owns a high tech tablet!

The tablet seem to appeal more to me though. Because I can show off if I do win it.

Worth a shot. With the bros randomness, I’m confident anyway.

They all actually say those stuff in real life.

Ok, I’m not so confident anymore.

So if you think you can do better than me and the bros, CLICK HERE and give it your best shot. Just submit your best headlines (remember to make it sensible. Don't be random like the bros) and successfully make me and the bros feel absolutely uncreative and retarded.

Let me know if you do win it so that I can somehow claim the glory from you to make myself feel better.

Because I don't stand a freaking chance at all.

Submit your headlines NOW!



  1. Galaxy Note!! I want it so badly...

  2. It's gonna be Legend... wait for it... DARY!!

  3. on a serious note - headlines for? is there a specific topic or area? :/

  4. @miles: ME TOO! T3T
    @ken: not really sure bro... haha but it must be celcom related. i think if you go to the link you can see it on the picture on the right in one of the steps

  5. za-zahh!!
    who knows, that might actually work =P

  6. I'm gonna go with "The crocodiles hides in the wadaa~~" thing.
    Don't underestimate randomness because it's memorable. *lookingforrelatedyoutubevids*

  7. The crocodile with emotional content that doesn't know what you are asking hides in the wadaaa and shouts ZA-ZAHHHH!!!

  8. "Za-zah! Crocodile hides in the Wadaaaa!!" haha. I'll put in those as a headline.

    That aside. all the best bro! haha

  9. "Crocodiles hide in the wadaaaaa~" Best quote ever!! xD

    You could still try? :P


    look at the contest period... WTF...XD

  11. Referring to the comment above..yeah.. WTF?! 15 - 31 January 2011??? TWO O ELEVEN? LOL

  12. LMAO you! Are! Hilarious!! xD
    This is genius. I hope you win the contest!
    btw. SHARING is caring x)

  13. Hahaha~ nice one. Love comic blog... Za-zaaaahhh!!! Btw, need to think of a headline then. =]

  14. @anonymous: haha ZA-ZAHH today seems to be a hot word. as well as the "crocodile hides in the wadaaa~"
    @sumbuddy: LOL do let me know if you do find a related youtube video regarding crocodiles hiding in the wadaaa~
    @leoncsy: OMG! you just combined all of the bros randomness into an epic sentence! you deserve an epic high five from me!
    @charmaine: u also wanna join the contest ah? sei lor i no more chance liao
    @nana: haha those two seems to be so catchy today! everyone is saying it! ZA-ZAHHH!!!
    @liz: i could but i think it will make no sense at all to celcom haha... crocodile hides in the wadaaa~
    @anonymous: omg! i just realised that as well! LOL fail! hope they correct that soon!
    @ken: i know rite? omg.. they better correct that soon tho.
    @punk chopsticks: i dont think i will win by giving a headline saying "crocodile hides in the wadaaa~" LOL
    @rascat: join and try la :D
    @bendan: thank you :3 ZA-ZAHHHH!!!!

  15. This contest is open to 4As Agencies' employees in Malaysia only - how mah? what is 4As Agency -_-"

  16. @Ernest: I don't have the vid for "crocodile hides in the wadaaa~". The video that I want to share is how randomness and nonsense is used in advertisement.

    ps: btw, Orangina is a drink.

  17. You make my day.. wakakakakkaa...
    Hellarious... :))

  18. How about: Celcom the best network in all Malaysia and some saay Bintan. (Of Course, you can't beat Singapore.. Hahaha)

  19. @meck: lol i just realised that as well. no idea what that means. but just submit an entry anyways who knows you might win XD
    @sumbuddy: omg. wth did i just watch.
    @aujinz: haha thanks bro!
    @anonymous: haha ceh! well you can try submitting that headline! a samsung galaxy note could be yours!
    @jo mama: dammit y u no leave me alone??? XD


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