Monday, December 5, 2011

Home Salon and Spa, part 3

Good morning everybody! It's Monday. Already.


We'll continue from where we left off from the previous episode. In the previous post, I did mention that Shamus eventually went to a salon to get his hair fixed after being sneakily damaged by Jon, and he still comes out of there with the most ridiculous hairstyle anyone has ever seen. I don't have a real life picture of it to show you (as I don't intend to put real life pictures of the bros in this comic blog to protect their identities) but what I can do, is explain how Shamus still have a ridiculous hairstyle even after seeking professional help.

Here is why.

Read PART 1 and PART 2 first to enjoy the full story.

It was an awkward bromantic moment in the salon.
Yeap. Shamus did not come out of there with his hair intact. At all.

Thank God his sanity was still in good condition.

Jon definitely has his way of driving people crazy. Especially when he is bored. Someone get him a ball of yarn or something. Jeez.

Keep your scissors/sharp tools whenever he is around.


  1. Heh. If it were my brother, he'd just cut his hair crew cut. Then Jon won't be able to mess with anymore. lol~

  2. hahahahhaa!! terbaik la jon!! finish what u have started!

  3. OMG..!! Jon really did that in the Saloon meh..??

  4. take clippers and shave his head! haha

  5. Holy... This actually happened IRL? As in, you're not making it all up?

    If so...

    *salutes to Jon..

  6. WTF Jon, Y U NO BEHAVE? -___-. Kasian betul Shamus

  7. haha! Shamus should have gone alone to the saloon and claim the money from Jon later! XD

  8. Goodness. Can Shamus' hair even still be repaired????!!!! xD

    1. selagi baju biru tu ada mmg rambut shamus jahanam la. shamus kena pegi sorg2 baru bole settle.

  9. shamus shd never bring jon 2 salon in d 1st place.. he shd knw dat guy might do dats. haha..

  10. Jon's hands can never be idle if he has those scissors with him, can they? LOL

  11. wow . sure kesian for shamus ..

  12. jon really scared me man. =.= hahaha! kesian shamus. :(

  13. oh dear....
    Shamus has all the right to be angry.

  14. Omfg! I don't know to pity Shamus or what. The last part was so funny! My heart goes out to Shamus. Die Jon Die!

  15. can somebody get jon a psychiatrist or give him some sedatives pleases, for the sake of shamus's hair?

  16. Lol.. feel so sorry for Shamus. Has all the other bros been warned of Jon? haha

  17. O.O o.................m.....................g...HAHAHHAAHAAHAAHA! i cant believe jon can do that LOL! u guys cute betul la :)haha

  18. @nana: lol but nobody in the house wants a crew cut XD
    @lyw: im glad it did! yyea!!
    @hunny kitty: haha, since they already at the salon, might as well kan? haha
    @pohvin: jon dares to do a lot of things haha this is only one of them
    @wendy: haha dont worry he isnt "that" scary.. he just like messing around with shamus sometimes.
    @eric: shamus's or jon's head to shave?
    @agnes: lol he no behave. yeah shamus trauma after that
    @mr dinie: he gone wild d... XD
    @syun: haha i guess shamus didnt expect that to happen so he let jon come along with him
    @adam: he is. the biggest one you've ever seen! XD
    @liz: a little. but the damage was still quite extensive. thats y shamus's hair looks a lil weird now
    @sarah: haha the thing is that he didnt expect that to happen at all
    @unknown3173: jon gets a bit random when he is bored. hence, scissors in his hands haha
    @murnie: seems like a lot of people pity shamus now haha
    @shamus: haha dont know la bro... i hantam only
    @PYee: lol once in a while only he is scary.. he is mostly harmless so dont worry
    @eesoon: the weird thing is that shamus wasnt angry with him for long. in the end all just laugh together. :)
    @lala: haha! yes! die jon die!! the rascal!!
    @nizam: what if jon is actually already on sedatives? LOL
    @chirpy_chummy: eh? why kesian both? not shamus only ah?
    @shirley: yes we have been warned. we kept all the scissors already.
    @greenie: lol everyday antics of the bros.. cute? you gonna make their day saying that haha

  19. Awesome blog here! creative skills :)

    Tehtarikdrinker sent me here via his latest blog post :P

  20. Tehtarikdrinker sent me here !

    Keep up the good work bro ! always looking forward to your comic strips every thursday ! But i always check out your website on friday cos it's FRIDAY ! no explanation needed !

  21. Great as always!
    Teh Tarik drinker also sent me here!
    nice day;)

  22. oh gosh, kesian Shamus... kena pranked for 3 times hahaha....

    btw, the Teh Tarik Drinker sent me hereeee!!


  23. LOL. coconut head?


  24. epic 99. Jon strikes again.


  25. Teh Tarik Drinker sent me here =D. Yep, another lurker de-lurked from the lure of random contest. So Malaysian la wtf.

    Otherwise, I've been reading your comics for quite some time! Kawanku MissMorbids, and I thought that your comics, while hilarious, was a hyperbole. At least, until it turns out a friend knew you folks and said it isn't so. Am awed and scared at the same time lol!

    Also, your comics are very educational. Like needing to wear a reinforced Hazmat suit around Jon =D

  26. Teh Tarik Drinker sent me here =)

    Reading your blog while drinking teh tarik..errr..

    Ok..have to make some now..who want?

  27. THE TEH TARIK DRINKER SENT ME HERE!!! btween this is nice one.., =))

  28. *poof*
    Here I am...
    The teh tarik drinker sent me here..!

    Pity Shamus... wondering whether will there be any part 4 tomorrow or not.. xD

  29. Teh Tarik Drinker sent me here...

    okay I lied.

  30. this is excellent response from the crowd! looking forward to see more!

    BTW bro looking forward for the next comic strip! :D

  31. ok2.. this is it.. i'M finish.. ha ha ha.. poor Shamus..

  32. Really? like seriously Jon did that to Shamus in the Salon? walaoeh epic! *facepalm*

  33. seriously, i know he's a bit creepy...but jon is slowly becoming my favourite with his slightly sadistic random acts.


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