Monday, April 23, 2012

Bullshit Story

Happy Mondays everyone!

Technically, that's wrong because no Mondays are actually happy unless you received a cheque of $50,000 in the mail this morning. Either that or you are a filthy little liar.

Have you ever have a friend who when you ask him/her out and he/she always have an excuse not to come? Worse, they make up some bullshit story just to justify their incapability of hanging out with you. Even worse, they just cannot simply be direct with you on why they don't want to join you and leave you wondering why in the name of God would they rather tell you a bullshit story than the truth.

That's because nobody likes you. 

Among the bros, one (or more) of us is actually like that. Here is an example:

Actual bullshit story that Daryl uses on us.
Nobody ever listens to Daryl. But what if he always had been telling us the truth?

Of course Daryl didn't get kidnapped. That's just silly. Who the hell would want to kidnap him?

Either that or he is a master escape artist.

Or a filthy little liar.

Have a great week ahead!


  1. tu ckp jgn selalu ckp bohong..dah mcm cerita pengembala kambing je..hehehehe

  2. haha! xD
    Love the last part!There is no use kidnapping Daryl xD

  3. Well after reading funny blog posts my Monday would be happy. =D Happy day after Sunday.

  4. I do that frequently... not always la bro.

  5. Hahaha! Super stereotyping weh!

    The kidnappers "normally" consist of a bulky hunk, and a skinny dude! :P

  6. Kidnappers able to stand Daryl? IMPOSSIBRU!! especially if daryl uses "eh, can show me your dick ah?"

  7. mayb by saying "no" might hurt your feelings ...
    so make up some bullshit story just to make you feel better...
    that is what friends are for .....
    LOL ..... give him a break ya....

  8. poor Daryl.. being ignored when he really in need.
    so, never tell lies. better tell the truth or just say don't have mood rather than a lie.

    * come Daryl can be kidnapped? so mysterious... haha. ;P

  9. next story shall be SM story with those 2 muscular guy lmao

  10. The boy who cried "kidnap"? lol~
    In the first place, would you have actually paid the ransom if he's been kidnap? Don't usually people ask that from family rather than friends?

    Ok, I'm trying to make sense to something that doesn't make sense. Definitely have been working too hard.

  11. shoot bro.. those kidnappers have stance like me and wear singlet too!!!!

  12. I think the kidnappers also cannot stand with daryl lahh.


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