Thursday, April 26, 2012

Asking A Girl Out

It's Thursday! You know what that means!

Wash all underwear day! It's comic time!

So I realised that there is something serious going on around lately and I felt the need to bring it forward. I will explain it via the comic with our bro, Shamus, the renowned Facebook guru expert, who will elaborate further on what I really mean.

One of the most painful things a girl can do to a guy.
Aside from getting kicked in the nuts.

So to the dear ladies out there,

When a guy you know asks you out and you somehow agree to it, please refrain from trying to include other people because sometimes it takes a guy a lot of courage to ask you out and it is obvious he wants to spend extra time with you because he shows interest in you. Who knows you guys might just hit it off. The moment you say you want to include other people, the guy dies a little inside.

To the guys out there, you are welcome.

Now I hope my chances are also increased after this. Or I will have to go into the corner like Shamus.


Before I end this post today, here's a quick shameless panhandling announcement. As many of you might not have known yet, I am taking part in this year's Digi Wwwow Awards and therefore I would like to request a little help from everyone here to help me vote for this comic series. Really. I'm a such desperate bastard now. Big thanks for your help!


Don't forget to vote for me once a day! Your help is deeply appreciated!

No pressure or obligations. Do vote for me only if you think I really deserve it.

If you don't, just remember: Knife Man is watching.

*Haha. Just kidding. Of course I won't stab you. Haha.*

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. hahhhhh?~is like that de meh? i dono leh o3o;

  2. Knife man is watching you. *stab pillow* Be careful.

  3. The most cockblocking request: Ask the bros out as well ya...LOL

    because her friends might be some hot girls...that could be a good thing.. XD

  4. Keep on promoting on your page everyday so I don't forget to vote you. This is an order.

  5. Well... I don't know about others, but when a guy asks me out, and I suggest to bring someone else along, it means I'm not interested in him. If I'm interested in him, I'll just say yes. =p

  6. Hahaha... She not interested. Very obvious =p So, you can just give up if she ask others to join.

    P.S.: Even if she agreed on only two of you, doesn't mean she interested. She mention that she is bored :p

  7. If he wants to have friends along, he would have said... You wanna go catch a movie later WITH A SOME BUDDIES?

    If not, then girls - you should know what to do.

  8. Shamus, i feel your pain, man. *brofist*

  9. Ooorrr... Maybe she likes you, and has some girl friends that's interested with your guy friends so decided to set up a double date.. (or in this case, a quintuple date?)

  10. The girl don't want him.. obviously.. ha ha ha.. :D..

  11. hahahaha oh no wonder u no ask me out lor *sobs*

  12. hahaha well I always kena this kind of case last time (long time ago) XD

  13. aiyo... simple only mah..
    No need to call them ..when she see you and ask you where is the geng?
    then you told them they last minute fly aeroplane...
    Uni didnt teach you the subject court girl 101? LOL....

  14. haha.. i was thought dat will be more fun if more people. bcoz, sometimes we whn only 2 people we run out of idea wat else to talk, and then it become awkward.

  15. Different perceptions of guys and girls. Thanks for sharing a part of "dude psychology" lesson.

  16. i did that before too! But more for safety. Sbould be chalenge accepted right?

  17. i did that before too! But more for safety. Sbould be chalenge accepted right?

  18. Do realise man, she doesn't want to go out only with you laaa.

  19. Well, it's also possible that the girls wants to let the guy know she's not really interested by inviting others along. At least it's not hurtful! :/

  20. I am so bored too lah. Any 1 wish to have a movie with me in KL area today? hehe(I am a male, XD)

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