Saturday, April 14, 2012

Being Random On Saturday (B.R.O.S.): Meme Time?

Happy Oh Yeah It's Saturday!

Granted I am still not really used to being prepared for Saturdays' posting resulting in a totally half assed entry for today but hey, it's being random on Saturday!

So, as you already know that I don't usually do memes (pronounced "meem") but here's one which I have done a long time ago using my cartoons but I had no idea where to park it. I guess it goes well with a Being Random On Saturday (B.R.O.S.) post. I do hope you know what B.R.O.S. stand for by now.

Come to think of it, in relation to today's super half assed posting, this image has an extremely deep meaning to it.

Really deep.

Only a few will REALLY get it.
Have a great Saturday!

P.S. Nah I don't get it either.


  1. I don't always draw comics,
    But when I do, it's for bitches

  2. So the bitch love what you draw? or love you drawing? drawing her nude comic? titanic?

  3. Don't get ittttttttttttttttt T.T

  4. only people who reads meme will understand

  5. i see what you did there

  6. Yeap I GET it! (but in reality, doesn't happened to me at all, Damn it so I don't get it)

  7. Draw me like one of your french girls.


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