Monday, April 2, 2012

April Fools!

Good Monday morning everyone! Despite the title of this post, today's entry is NOT about April Fools!

Ha! April Fools guys!

Wait. What do you mean it's over? April Fools was yesterday? F***!

I fail at pranking people.

Anyways, here's today's comic while I wallow myself in self pity for making myself look like the king of idiots.  A motorbiking incident occurred sometime ago in the bros household.

Shamus has some serious priority issues to work out.
Anyhow, Jamus was fine really. He only had minor injuries and nothing serious. He still was admitted for a day in the hospital though. Everyone had a scare nonetheless. I almost lost my sh*t.

Jon almost sh*t his pants as well. Sh*t. I'll stop saying sh*t now.

Was not really an April Fools joke and we're glad that Jamus was all right. He still rides his motorbike only more careful this time.

Shamus still really couldn't stop praying.

Shut up, bro.

Have a great week ahead!


  1. I was expecting you to go "SURE NOT! DONT JOKE LAH.. HAHA!" on the 3rd frame :P

    1. haha Daryl wouldnt joke on these sort of things. If he wants to prank people it has to be about d*cks or somewhere along those lines. XD

  2. Namo namo namo~~ I'm glad he's fine :D

  3. uh oh~ that reminds me of the time I got into an accident. Lucky, no bones were broken. But my brother - not so lucky. He just had an iron inserted into his right hand - so he's Iron-man now~ lols.

    You guys should really be more careful. Thank God Jamus learnt his lesson. So you guys should too!

  4. Why did he pray first before going out to see him? =.=

  5. Thank goodness he is fine.....

    p.s. I cracked up upon seeing the bieber poster XD

  6. Strange to say prayers before running out. I thought in such cases running out to check out the person would be more normal:P

  7. crazy group of bro, what a bromance story LMAO

  8. Aiyo!! What kind of bro is he?!!

  9. "OUCH" is the only thing came out when Jamus is being tossed high up in the air. So cute~
    Glad that he's OK.

  10. hahahaha.......when i first heard that my eldest bro had an accident.....i thought he is in serious condition and i react almost like shamus......luckily.....only minor cuts n bruises only.....thank God.....

    when i fell in a monsoon drain (btw....that was real and deep waters and the monsoon drain is not so deep)....i can only say....OW and hahahaha (that was my only reaction n first thing when i realised seconds later)...didn't break any bones but everyone thought i had a bad and bloody fall and going to die....i only had bruises all over my body (OUCH!), criss-cross welts like being beaten (double OUCH!) and deep scratches on my right leg and not-so-deep cuts on my head (triple OUCH!) which i recovered in 1 month.....

    hopefully jamus is ok:)

  11. HAHA. Hilarious weh ! But glad he's alright :D

  12. i thought he was praying that the car number to strike first price.. LOL
    glad to hear he is OK..

  13. Ya lor. I thought it was going to turn out to be an April Fool's joke---then it'd be a really CRUEL one! This kinda thing, don't playplay lerrrrr T.T But glad that Jamus is alright. Poor thing! :(


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