Saturday, April 7, 2012

Being Random On Saturday: Kenwooi Adventures - Looking Good

Man, that is one long assed title for a post.

Hey everyone! A comic post today!

Wait, what? It's Saturday? Of course I know it's Saturday! I know my days of the week! Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holiday! 8 days! How can I ever be wrong?

So anyways, this is a sudden random Saturday posting. The first of its kind! Suddenly I think I should post random simple comics that is not bro related and half-assed on occasional Saturdays. Who knows it might be an every Saturday thing but we'll see how it goes. So do check back on Saturdays from now on as sometimes I will now OFFICIALLY post on Saturdays!

I hereby declare this post series as Being Random On Saturday (B.R.O.S.) *see what I did there? Oh, I'm so clever*

Today's random Saturday story features a good "not-so-famous" friend blogger of mine Ken Wooi of! Had the idea of this half-assed strip when I read this particular post of his and I thought that sh*t is hilarious and I decided to parody it. Mainly because I have too much free time last week.

Here it goes. Bear with me if it makes no sense and is unfunny. That's only because I have a retarded creativity side in my brain.

Oh, so handsome you are.
Read Kenwooi's original post HERE. Trust me. It's funnier there. And the rest of his posts too. Seriously, he has some really good stuff there.

Don't forget to check back on Saturdays from now on! ;)

Happy Saturday!


  1. yay saturday post! :D and oh my. the third strip nampak SEBIJI macam kenwooi!!

  2. LOLZ! *imagining Ken looking at the mirror like what u drew*

  3. alrite~~ my saturdays getting better now~ hehe ^_^

  4. WTF!!! hahahaha love the kenwooi flying part...

  5. nice one it more often :)

  6. Later ken fall in love with you ernest :P

  7. wuahahaha! tell ken his mirror is going to break if he stares too long at it >_<

  8. Yeay to Saturday post!Laughed a lot at the imagination part XD

  9. Oh, man! I love BROS (Being Random On Saturday)!!!! :DDDD Awesome! And Ken's face in the last frame---priceless! xD

  10. Oh yays! another strip to read in a week! woots!

    Ah Ken needs to be ensured daily that he's handsome or he'll make you draw him every week!


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