Monday, October 17, 2016

Why Does My Mum Do This

Hey everyone!

Happy Mondays!

So over the weekend my mum came by to visit me and after spending some time with her I suddenly remembered that my mum has many weird quirks as well. Not as weird as the Bros but weird none the less. So today I feel like talking about it.

Yes today I am making fun of my mum.

It's okay she doesn't read my blog.

Here is one of the things that she does which I can never ever stand and at the very same time never ever understand.

And then when I go downstairs, dinner is actually not ready at all.
Turns out that almost every single Asian mum out there tends to do this as well. They come in for 5 seconds, leave and they make sure that they leave the door open EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

No matter how times I remind her to close the door when she comes in, she will always never follow through. It is like trying teach a puppy to play ping pong.

I wonder if she does this when she enters her boss's office.

Oh wait she is the boss.

No wonder.

Does your mum do this too? If she does, any theories on why? Do let me know because I'm genuinely curious of this seemingly universal phenomenon in almost every Asian household.

Shout out to all the doors that remain open thanks to mothers out there.

Have a great week ahead!


  1. because she wants you to move your asss! hahahahha

    1. and then when I go downstairs, dinner is not even ready for the next half an hour T_T

    2. the reason why mom will call their children early is because she wish they could help her to set the table. don't come down to eat only..n she leave the door open so that she can yell the next time she want to call her children for dinner. hahahaha

  2. "you have to move now when I call you"...that's the reason why..hahahaha

  3. Agree with them. Our mom probably wants us to move out from the room and go for dinner. My mom did the same thing to get my brother wake up from his bed. Did it work? No, my brother would just wait up to close the door and continue his sleep. Haha!

  4. Is actually a sign to remind you that your mom went and call you to have dinner.....SKE Member


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