Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The New Apple Phone 7

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesdays!

So the new Apple Phone 7 got released recently and despite it getting some mixed reviews, you know that people are still going out to buy that shit because capitalism!

You buy one, you impress your friends. Easy.

What's more impressive if this happens and you maintain your composure.

It's just 3 seconds old.
I remember seeing a video once where a dude just came out of the store and is one of the very first to own the new phone (this was when Apple Phone 6 was released I think) and was being interviewed live and he opens his brand new box of his phone. Due to the design of the packaging, the phone found its way screen first straight into the ground within seconds thanks to gravity. I wondered how the guy must have felt to have the entire world witness his grief and you gotta give him props for just maintaining his cool.

Very much like Daryl, I am pretty sure he will be crying on the inside for hours.

Dropping your new phone may be a small matter but we all know how it makes us feel on the inside.

Be strong.

It's just a phone.

Cry forever.

Have a great week ahead.

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