Monday, January 7, 2013

The Problem With Being Too Friendly

Hey Monday! How's everyones Monday so far? Sorry for the late post. I failed to wake up early today.

Anyway, have you ever had a problem with over friendliness? May it be from you or from someone else or some random stranger.

Mine is a strange mix of all three.


That moment felt like forever.
Someone please tell me they have done this before or I will feel like the only total spaz who does such thing in the whole world.

I really wished the sidewalk would have swallowed me whole and kept me in six feet under for all eternity.

It's not the girl's fault really. I have this stupid tendency to wave hi at anyone who seems to be waving in my general direction without checking. Additionally, our country has become a dystopian crime ridden place where even you are not safe when walking in broad daylight. It's a sad reality.

Also, I really need to work on my social skills.

And look less like a creeper.

Have a great week ahead!


  1. Someone wave at me but I didn't wave back because I didn't saw her face. Pity her.

  2. ahahaha most of the time u did that, u used to 'express this' in previous post too.

    No worry ler, at least you are being friend. nothing to lose at all. :)

  3. been there, done that >.< have the same 'wanna dig a hole & bury myself feel'

  4. U lambai, they say creepy, didn't lambai they say sombong.. what to do?? duduk tepi dinding?? :p

  5. don't feel so bad bro.. it happens to many people.
    for me, I prefer to be called 'sombong' than be ashamed with this kind of incident. (refer aki's comment) huhu.. ;P

  6. sometimes i experienced the same thing, only without the creepy part.

  7. a simple smile would suffice
    it did happen to me once and it was embarassing enough that i learn to smile when i see stranger waving at me..tak ikhlas,tak apa

  8. fell for that a couple of times XD
    so now, i make very sure XD

  9. happened to me couple of times, ahahahah.. next time i'll make sure i wont wave back,hhaha..

  10. She doesn't know ERNEST NG?! She just came out from which cave?

    I'm a tutor. I now know why lecturers tend to not respond to your waves, because more often than not the students are waving at their friends behind the the lecturer.

  11. yeah... happened to me before.. just walks away and buat donno ~

  12. yeah, i also encounter this kind of situation before~ LOL~

  13. Yup... happened many times... |D
    Now I've become paranoid that everytime someone is waving or gesturing at me or my direction I will always look around and make sure it's me. XD It has saved me from embarrassment quite a few times actually!

  14. OMG, kesiannnnn. But that TOTALLY happens. Don't feel bad. :/

    But then again, it's never happened to me, and that one time it happened to my friend, we reminded him of it quite often, I would say xD


  15. hahahah

  16. But I would have been happy if you wave at me wor =P shuai ge XD


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