Monday, July 22, 2013

Guest Artist: Kendylife

Hey happy Monday everybody! Sorry for the delayed posting today. I headed out for breakfast this morning and by the time I was driving halfway I realised that I have forgotten that it is actually Monday morning.

So here's a Monday afternoon comic for you to read!

We are at the mid point of the Guest Artist month. Today we have Kendrick Ng from and this is his take on a bro comic!

Old bro comics will still be uploaded on the Facebook page.

Jon and his stupid crocodile suit.
Really like his interesting art style!

First met Kendrick at the first Comic Bloggers Gathering about two years back. I remembered I was walking around with another few comic bloggers and I spotted this one guy who was standing from afar and smiling at me. He didn't say a word so I turned away. After awhile we noticed that he was following us. Little did I know that this guy is the person behind Kendylife! I have already forgotten how we broke that awkwardness. I felt like a total arrogant douche at that moment.

Do check out!

Have a great week ahead!


    Jon really likes Crocs, he should live in Louisiana (USA) xD

  2. I still like to play around with that sentence.

    "The crocodile hides in the wadaa....."

  3. maybe it's just me... i don't really get it. LOL


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