Thursday, July 25, 2013

Guest Artist: Eric Lee

Hey it's Thursday and another guest artist!

For today's guest artist, we have Eric Lee from!

This is his take on a bro comic and looks like Daryl's gonna be the subject once again. Why am I not surprised.

As usual, regular bro comics will still be uploaded on the Facebook page.

Everyone has their best collection.

Tetek betul these two.
I guess when it comes to boobs, Daryls now comes to his mind first.

I first started noticing Eric's stuff when he was commenting regularly on my posts. I noticed that he was also a comic blogger and his comic posts has that sarcastic vibe in them and I never say no to sarcastic jokes. I first met him during a blog awards ceremony back in 2010 and was even seated next to his girlfriend and we just hit it off and had a lot of fun. He was however separated from us and was seated in the back with a bunch of quiet people and got bored as shit. It was then when I realised he was a walking magnet of stories, jokes and materials as he always has the weirdest and most awkward situations happening to him on a daily basis.

Do check him and his awkwardness out at!

Have a great weekend ahead!


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