Monday, April 8, 2013

Sleep Talking

Hey Monday what's up? *stabs him in the gut*

That's what I would do if Monday was a real person and I would most likely go to jail because I make a shitty criminal who couldn't ever cover his tracks.

That aside, here is today's comic for Monday because we couldn't murder him just yet.

Daryl apparently talks in his sleep and we decided to mess with him a bit.

It was hilarious at first until someone crashes.
Seriously, I had no idea he would really react like that.

Worst of all,

I am a horrible person.

Have a great week ahead!


  1. Damn evil, man. XD Was he okay after that?

  2. i talk too. I'm lucky i don't have a friend like you. hahahh

  3. Hahaha, that's rly funny, it's rare that you can actually listen what they talk in sleep, even weirder when they talk back, most of us will be speaking alien language. xp

  4. ahahahahahahahadoiiii. kesian daryl.

  5. this isn't sleep talking anymore.. it's sleep talking + walking.
    n you really are one evil bro. hoho.. XD
    did he remember anything when he wake up??

  6. HAHAHAHAH! i'm familiar with this! my ex-gf does the same! she'll respond to my question when she sleeps!

  7. I'm gonna try it on my friend~ =D

  8. Terrible la u ernest......what if he got injured from his dream after all that, what happen to daryl? did he still remember what happen to him on tat night?

    Happen to me once (as told by my eldest sis) night long time ago, i finished reading 4th Harry Potter book n i sis try to wake me up to move the lower bed n i started to mumble analytical views on Harry Potter sis heard it all and when she told me back the story.....i was surprised that i said it all.....

    My mum told me once that we shouldn't talk to sleep-walking ppl or those who mumble in their sleep coz they will do exactly like what we say (even if u ask them to eat raw eggs (just an example), they will do exactly as u say).....according to our traditional beliefs, it is the spirit inside us doing all these things while the flesh (our body) has no idea what it is doing......

  9. AHAHA, OMG THAT IS FUNNY! xD Poor Daryl!


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