Thursday, June 21, 2012

Why You No Reply?

This is a scheduled posting.

Hey! Happy Thursdays everyone!

If you are reading this now, most probably I am drifting on a barge somewhere in the middle of the South China Seas, trying hard to be a wannabe pirate. Knowing that I get sea sick, I should be back by this evening as the rocky sea waves are not really good friends with my stomach and head. By now I should be feeding loads of fishes by the side of the boat with my vomit. I might even almost have died by drowning for at least two times by now.

I can never be a pirate.

Anyway, I have a question for you. Have you ever experienced the moment where you texted someone asking them out and it takes ages for them to reply? Makes you wonder doesn't it. Is that person busy that he/she didn't notice the text sent? Is that person too snobbish and haughty that you are scum that doesn't deserve their high glory and almighty response? Is that person dead? Shamus goes through that experience almost regularly on a daily basis.

Here is how.
I understand if you do not want to hang out or anything but the best is to reply at least something than none at all right? It's not nice to leave someone hanging and I am sure that nobody in this world likes that. If that person repulses you so much at least give a response saying,: "I can't hang out because I am busy. Forever."

Anyone would get that hint.

So to the "I-am-too-good-for-you" people out there, pick up your phones and reply to those sms'es that you have left unreplied. Be a nice person for once.

Just don't reply to the telcos because that's just plain silly.

Even forever alones don't do that.

Have a great weekend ahead!


  1. being nice even when you're about to reject people is a good thing. People might get nice to you too when it's your turn :)

  2. Haha! I always get that from LotHink!

  3. I hate that GiDi message!! Graaaarrrrr~

  4. For me no answer means no. NEXT! Can't be bothered waiting around...

  5. I hated that the most. People should reply when other people texted asking a question - even if the answer is negative. Don't make them wait. And missed call should be returned too. U can also make another missed call or text them if u don't have credit.

  6. 2 hours no reply? Proceed to call! haha

  7. if 2 hours no reply then sms her again lo..after that, wait for another 2 hours >_<"

  8. Hehe I also can't stand such ppl!!
    Very inefficient leh >.<

  9. Don't text and wait for the reply anxiously! Call her instead and get rejected on the spot, muahahaha!

    Now, go and sulk at the corner :p

    1. Lol.. Later she tell him straight to stop calling then lagi sien...

  10. Well, not everyone bring their handphone with them ALL the time.... That explains late reply. But to not reply the sms at all, well....

  11. Not replying something that is urgent is rude. Telcos message is the consolation price :p

  12. >.< Guilty... It's because when I realized there's a message, it's already too late. Silent mode 24/7... XP

  13. Well there is a big forest out there..
    There r plenty of trees... Don't worry u r big boy now...

  14. Awwwwww. Poor Shamus! :(

    But that's true. Everyone deserves a reply!

  15. Damn Gidi, hates it when that happens.


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