Monday, June 4, 2012

The Bros Watch Movies: Snow White and the Huntsman

Happy Monday people! Okay. I lied. There is no such thing as a happy Monday. The person who invented Mondays must be one colossal prick.

So there is this one new movie where the bros watched recently called, Snow White and the Huntsman. Starring Bella from Twilight who decided to ditch her fairy/vampire to hang out with some dwarves to piss of poor Charlize Theron. So, turns out that the same guy who played the God of Thunder from the movie Thor, Chris Hemsworth, also decides to hang with Bella and ditches his original weapon, the Mjolnir hammer to use dual wield hatchets because a change from one weapon to two is mathematically more impressive.

Actually not the real synopsis.

That said, this has opened a whole new world of concept for Jon when he was watching this movie the other day. I'll let the comic explain it better.

Presenting, a brand new series for the comic :"Bros Watch Movies". It's like a movie review. Kinda.
He was so confused throughout the movie.
 To Jon, Thor will always be Thor.

Lightning Attack!

Have a great week ahead!


  1. i bet he did the same thing when watched other movie.. like 'harry potter' new movie. ;p

    haha..poor but funny jon. XD

  2. Nobody could forget Thor!! Hahaha!!

  3. Lol... He is blur!!! N messed up his seat with all the popcorns...XD

  4. What? So got Kristen Stewart means Twilight? lol Thor and Twilight? That would be a sucky movie unless it's about Thor beating the shit out of Edward Cullen..haha

  5. It's like a mash up between Thor and Twilight. Pity Charlize Theron, the odd one out! But I like to see Thor beat the hell out of Edward! Like how Hulk smash Loki!

  6. bahahahhaha.. gimme some popcorn Jin.. XD

  7. i guess this movie should be names "thorlight" then

  8. Replies
    1. I just brought my 3 years old son to this movie.... and he kept asking, "Where's Iron Man?".

      My conclusion, Jon has the mental of a 3-year-old, kekeke~

  9. haha! Thor will always be Thor to me as well! xD

  10. dafuq! LOL! dam funny wei! Chris Hemsworth got another 2 brother wei, so when he watch expendables 2 will be yelling Thor oso ? XD

  11. My sis asked me the same thing. "That's Thor right?" (we haven't watched the movie but we saw the trailer). We didn't even know his real name. lol~

  12. Haha! I was asking him to use the hammer too!!

  13. it's hard for us,the girls to remove the 'thor-image' from chris hemsworth.

  14. AHAHA.

    So how WAS the movie? Was "Bella"'s acting any good? xD

  15. Haha, WHERE IS IRON MAN?! He can kill the Witch in one blast! :D


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