Monday, June 25, 2012

Old Friend

Hey Monday! You are back so fast like a boomerang full of vengeance and hate.

Anyway, I am on a holiday now. So no blues for me. Joy. If there are blues for you, just know that there is a comic for you today to cure that sh*t you have every Monday.

Jamus is pretty popular in the bars back in our hometown. Each time he steps into them he gets a hi (not high) from almost half the place. Reason: He makes a lot of friends when he goes out. Even I can't help but to feel like the anti social one when I get overshadowed by his sunniness with total strangers each time we have a drinking night out.

Jamus is very popular. Period.

He also didn't know his name.
That's why the word 'bro' is very useful.

It poses as a problem eventually. He can't remember everyone.

But he tries his best.

He seriously hopes he does not meet that guy again or it is going to be a whole world of awkward.

Have a great week ahead!


  1. at least he is friendly enough haha

  2. That sounds familiar~ lol. I'm not as famous as Jamus, but because I used to go to boarding school, and I used to be a senior, juniors tend to recognize me a lot. Until now, sometimes I bumped into them - and have no idea who they are. The only clue I have is when they call me "Kak Yong". aside from my family, only those from my boarding school days call me that. lol.

  3. I only know about ten juniors, and I come from a school with only 300 people ._.

  4. haha "bro", the universal safe name calling

  5. i only know some people through meeting them back in school, from PLKN and from trouble is the same as Jamus.....if i can't remember names and faces, i remember from a string of events that maybe we (me and this John/Jane Doe) used to work together and friends for sometime in my circle and network of friends.....but sometimes i layan only since it's not good to be blur abt it.....

    "those were the days my friends....We thought they'd never end....We'd sing and dance forever and a day.....We'd live the life we choose.....We'd fight and never lose....For we were young and sure to have our way.....Those were the days, oh yes those were the days"

  6. Have the same problem with Jamus. Thought I am getting old, losing memory; but now I know a lot of people have the problem ;D Great news on Monday ~_^

  7. No, what's gonna be a whole world of awkward is if the guy reads your comic and realizes that's HIM you just featured---and that Jamus totally can't remember the name of! xD

  8. Hahahaha... Jamus is so sweet XP


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