Thursday, January 17, 2013


Hey good morning everyone! I am obligated to wish you good morning because no one wants to hear someone wishing them a bad morning.

Have you been to the Petronas Twin Towers lately? I have been living in Malaysia for slightly over a quarter of a century long and I have never really taken the initiative to set foot at one of Malaysia’s most important landmarks.

It is like this thing with two spires with a thingy in the middle.
Recently the bros paid a visit and they found a nice gadget that kept them occupied for a bit. 

Perhaps a bit too occupied.
What the bros are playing at is the Petronas Motorsports Interactive wall which uses the kinect sensor for the liquid and metal elements on screen to follow your movements according to the command of your arms. 

It can be a great workout if you haven’t been moving much lately and have always been sitting in front of the computer screen daily for hours on end.

That sounds exactly like me.

Back to the wall, when the two elements clash with each other long enough, a short animation comes on. I was too stunned when it suddenly happened that I did not take a picture or a video of it but this should give you an idea.

The point of the game is to find a partner to help push the elements on the other side of the screen to the centre. Doing this alone only renders you looking like a mad man when you wave your arms furiously in front of the screen while waiting for something to happen.

The wall is only up till 18 January 2013 (that tomorrow) so if you are in the area, go and drop by and have some interactive wall fun! 


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