Monday, March 28, 2011

Pengotor, Part 3

Looks like it's the third time this week that Shamus had to prove himself to be a "pengotor" (dirty bastard) once again. With the dedicated help and unyielding encouragement from Jon of course.

Read PART 1 and PART 2 in case you were just tuning in!

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For the third and last time!
I'm sure everyone is convinced by now: Shamus is a pengotor.

Continued in PART 4


  1. amagah!
    he doesn't like to bath as well?
    does he has a gf?
    if he does, I wonder how his gf can tahan him

  2. hahaha poor jon .. good one ernest

  3. lol!! i remembered i had a friend who bath very fast. we even recorded his bathing time, 24 sec! I bet he only wash the important part >,<

  4. @una: haha no he bathes but he just bathes very fast till we dont believe he is clean from bathing. do u think he has a gf? ;)
    @saleh: hahah... yes poor jon.. he always have to scold shamus.
    @eggyolks: haha issit? wow thats faster than shamus!! yeah most prob wash important part only.

  5. Not funny... but real life indeed. Yeah some people are like that.

    I myself had trouble taking my bath during uni, cuz back at home i'm used to hot shower. But instead of spending time in the shower for too short, i spent up to 45 minutes in the shower, battling myself to get under the cold spray of water. Brrrr....

    By 5th semester, already get used to it, but still can spend hours in the shower... I don't know why i spend too much time in the shower. I remember only standing there not doing anything. Maybe i like water too much.

  6. haha! nice story sumbuddy! at least u are clean! i dont think my fren will be nearly as clean as u!
    LOL :D


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