Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dogsitting: Part 5

Sorry I was late in today's upload! Was watching some movie in some cinema in some movie theater somewhere and somehow loss track of time and space. Nonetheless, here is Thursday's upload!

We now continue to the finale of the Dogsitting series! I know it doesn't have much development (or much humour) as in the Pengotor series but just how many things can you do to a dog, right? (other than physically abusing it)

In this finale, we look at the final bro, Jamus and how he shows his love to Jasmine's lovely dog, Mocha.

Do read the initial parts first if you haven't: Part 1Part 2Part 2.5Part 3, Part 4


Jamus is creepy.

Jamus, just leave Mocha alone for a second. Dogs need their space too.

That's the end of the dogsitter series! Don't worry Mocha will still appear in this comic from time to time. (As long as she has not suffered enough mental trauma that could render her untimely demise)

Have a great weekend folks! See you guys on Monday!

P.S. It's Fathers' Day this Sunday (19 June 2011) in Malaysia. Don't forget to show that special person your love!


  1. This is the funniest of this series, maybe only beaten by 2.5. XD

  2. lol...(1st time commenting here)

    Jamus is even creep-ier. Mocha has to play hide-and-seek, poor dog....

  3. I'm sure Mocha hates to babysit after all these. lol
    Sad that it's come to an end. love this series! XD

  4. @sumbuddy: are u serious? gosh! thanks! i tot this wasnt funny! thanks bro!
    @green tea: lol welcome to comment here anytime! u think he is the creepiest now? lol! maybe he is. mocha is freaked by him.
    @wendy: yeah mocha is a lil put off by us by now. aww dont worry. mocha will return every once in awhile:) this is not the end of mocha:D thanks for loving this!

  5. eee....Mocha looks so helpless yet cute in the final frame... Makes me wanna jump into the comic & save her from Jamus le....

  6. haha! u can come to the house and take mocha away! dono wat jasmine will say tho...


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