Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bed Drools

Have you ever tried to reach someone over the phone but that asshole never seems to pick up? Like EVER?

Okay, I lied. That has nothing to do with today's comic.

Shamus sleeps, drools and leaves.
Shamus does this ALL the time.

Today, Jon has given up entirely. He has adapted himself to sleep in Shamus's drool.

Why does Shamus always takes a drooly nap in Jon's room? Nobody knows.

Have a great weekend guys!

*Shamus is gonna kill me this time*


  1. Jon so rajin to clean up all the mess!

  2. Maybe Jon should give his bed to Shamus and get another one?

  3. sellotape the mulut when he sleeps then. =)

  4. @una: haha jon is like that. he says his hobby is cleaning. apparently it is. the house is clean because of him.
    @syun: lol maybe! but wat if shamus also sleeps on jon's new bed?! haha
    @cik bucken: lol no la cos shamus tends to sleep everywhere in the house. jon's room is closest to the living room so his room sudah jadi main target.
    @kelvin: bro, are you quoting 'ewww' from a previous strip? haha i like!
    @felicia: must make sure water proof lo! if not it will seep out the sides and the drool will still land on the pillow XD

  5. er...doesn't shamus have his own bed? I really hope it's only drool on the bed >_<" *blek*

  6. hahaha...damn funny that shamus...kinda reminds me of my friend lol

  7. hmm..or maybe Shamus should use those mask worn on the mouth when he sleeps? =)

  8. I thought Sheamus is a cat!! (i'm newbie here T_T)

  9. @glow: yea he got his own bed but he tends to go to jon's room more as it is nearest to the living room. (after watch tv straight go take nap) yes its only drool. i cant imagine if it is anything else LOL
    @hilmi: haha i guess we all have that 'one' friend who drools.
    @syun: could work. but wat if the drool leaks from the mask onto the bed? XD
    @parkair: welcome parkair! LOL thats ok! isnt it more shockin to find out shamus is a human? hope to see u more often on my webcomic blog:D

  10. @miss bucken...because i am!! hahahaahaha

  11. this is t3h lulz....
    I'm sensing season 2 here...

    Jon just got owned. Psst... Jon, since you only have tilam and no katil, lifting it up (sandarkan kat dinding) when you're not using might help deterring some people (and yourself) off... Nicely laid tilam entice people to use it. XD

    lolz.... ok, it's something like magenta actually, not pink. but still...

  13. haha,so many 'what if's
    I do agree with sumbuddy's method!
    if that doesn't work,then Jon should just lock his room! XD
    It may be troublesome for him to always lock his room but at least he will have a clean bed to sleep on at night =)

  14. @sumbuddy: season 2 not so soon la lol! cos nothing epic happened yet. i wonder if jon will read ur comment. that is actually a good technique. but isnt it very leceh?
    his bedsheets are mostly blue. that pink one is a rare one.
    @syun: haha yalor.. must think of all the possibilities ma! but we dont like to lock our rooms cos it makes it so weird as if we are strangers to one another haha

  15. haha,guess every method has its pros and cons.I hope Jon would be able to find a solution on this!I realize that I am getting more noisier in your blog these days XD

  16. @sharkox: memang! buat penat aje... frust giler si jon
    @syun: he already has. he got used to sleeping on shamus's drool d. that's his solution. don worry, just make a lot of noice here! i dont mind! noisier the better! haha XD

  17. LOL!!! i think jon very pissed !! haha.... btw..."ewwww"....XD

  18. It's not that leceh. But it's ugly cuz you tend to just lift up the side farthest from the wall and hence, the back of the tilam shows since bed cover usually don't cover the back.
    If your bed cover have no elastic band, that will result in super extra leceh cuz you have to adjust every time you put it down.
    During degree I rent house with my friends. I have first hand experience. XD

  19. @greenie: haha jon was very "kek tiu" that day! are you also quoting "ewww" from the "brain lag" episode? haha
    @sumbuddy: i think jon wouldnt want to do that cos like you said, its extra leceh if he wants to put it down since he is not using elastic banded sheets. i guess he rather live with the drool haha

  20. at 1st, i thought shamus is a pet.. haha

  21. @brat2104: hi brat! haha thats what everyone thoughts too! until you find out he is human.... hahahah

  22. Aw mannn. Kesian Jon. Baru habis washing. Man, I'd be steamed too!!! xD

    Jon should go sleep on Shamus's bed and drool all over it too! :P

  23. @liz: lol the thing is that shamus's own bed also got a lot of drools. jon drooling on his bed instead makes no difference haha

  24. Wahahahaha.Shamus must nap his room.Can do anywhere the drools at his room


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