Thursday, August 11, 2011

Boogerific!, part 3

BAM! Turns out the "Tahi Hidung" (means Booger/Nose-wax/"Peanut butter" in Malay, in case you don't know that already) series has a continuation! Part 3 and it's the epic conclusion! Will Daryl ever enjoy the taste of peanut butter ever again? Read on!

Thank you Daryl and Shamus for being so sporting!

Read Part 1, and Part 2 first in case it's your first time here.

Daryl goes from zero to naked in 2.9 seconds.
Run. Shamus. Run.

You can never imagine the awkwardness of coming home and seeing two half naked guys running around the house. Thank God Jasmine was not around or she might have karate-ed their asses till next Tuesday.

So comes the burning question: Did Shamus get ass-raped by Daryl in the end?

Of course not! Daryl isn't gay!

That's the end of the Tahi Hidung series! New story next week!

Have a great weekend!


  1. haha,at least now Daryl knew what 'it' was! XD

  2. Why did Daryl stripped to chase after Shamus? haha! Good one Ernest. Thanks!

  3. Peanut butter isn't GREEN..even the one with jello..and looks like someone going to be molested..this i wasn't expected to be

  4. SO HE REALLY DID EAT IT IRL? And why did he chase shamus half-naked?

    Really not ghey ah? ≖_≖ :skeptical:

  5. er...why did he take of his clothes? and how? so fast? o.O" wow seems like all of you have a talent/super power lols...

  6. @ken: haha crazy rite? i live with crazy ppl...
    @syun: LOL! true! definitely NOT peanut butter!
    @ladyviral: thats actually his way of intimidating people. or you could call it "Daryl's Spartan Mode: ACTIVATE!" haha
    @hilmi: apparently daryl wasnt aware of the non existence of green PB! haha no la no molestation happened.
    @sumbuddy: i dont know for sure if he ate it.. about the half naked thing, thats daryl's way of intimidating people LOL
    @glo-w: that is his "spartan mode". he feels stronger when he half naked! i think! lol! he does strip at lightning speed! what are the other bro's super powers?

  7. hohoho~ Daryl is very comfortable in his own skin. Literally.

  8. at least..he can join FEAR FACTOR what...LOL

  9. The Moral is: Don't tell the truth..haha

  10. y is daryl running in underwear only?

  11. @madwitch: haha he is! i think if being naked in public is not illegal he will do it everyday!
    @cik bucken: lol who can join? daryl or shamus?
    @sharkox: agree with 100%. shamus saja cari pasal.
    @casper: bro, he spartan mode bro. must be in underwear only

  12. Daryl goes from zero to naked in 2.9 seconds! ROFLOL... rape ah? XD

  13. @daryl: haha im not sure if people will know what it means by "ronaldo" mode. i think i must make a comic to introduce your ronaldo mode.
    @glo-w: LOL! ok you must let me know all our superpowers when you've completed your research!
    @pouleen: no la no rape. just a naked tackle LOL. no one beats daryl in naked speed.

  14. Why is his response to get naked and chase Shamus around???? xD wakakaka

  15. @liz: that is one life's mystery that i have yet to find out. daryl never wants to tell us why. i guess he just like being naked.

  16. best la comic ni mmg sempoi. aku nak cari benda lain tadi jumpa pulak site ni layan.

  17. best la comic ni mmg sempoi. aku nak cari benda lain tadi jumpa pulak site ni layan.


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