Thursday, August 4, 2011


Happy Thursday folks! Just another Friday and it's the weekend!

So, to increase the sense of impending joy you are (might be) experiencing now, here's a comic to amplify your happy nerves!

Okay so I'm not so confident with the story this time as I haven't been feeling well this past week but I hope it works. Here goes.


Thank God it didn't fly into his mouth.

Apparently, Daryl was oblivious to the booger on his forehead for quite some time.

Moments later.
That is NOT the same ice-cream from earlier.

And so he went to check for himself in the bathroom mirror.
He still doesn't know what it is.

We told him it was skin fungus.


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In the meantime, have an awesome weekend ahead!

Imma go back to sleep now. Thanks.


  1. hahahahahaha!!!!! ewwwwwwwwww!!!! bukan main gross LOL!

  2. Poor Daryl! Till the end he still doesn't know what it is!XD

  3. @pyee: hi pyee! haha it would have been more gross if it entered his mouth le..
    @sharkox: haha besarnya tahi 'idungnya! warna hijau lak tu!
    @syun: lol yes poor him. maybe he forgot stg fly to his face earlier.

  4. Well, that's so disgusting..hehe..

  5. *lol with intermittent barfing*

    ewww, this is so yucky, yet funny. XD
    omg, if I barf boleh batal puasa...

  6. I seriously thought it was the same ice cream as the one that fell into the bin =P "Still eating the same ice cream ke?"

  7. Damn! Didn't he like try to lick it? This is too gross but somewhat funny and that ice cream look familiar...

  8. @bluedianthus: haha of course it is! worse if it flew to his mouth! more disgusting!
    @sumbuddy: haha dont barf la... batal puasa kang!
    @anglia: lol no la... wrote there d wat. "not the same ice cream"
    @hilmi: LOL daryl now very predictable issit?? haha yeah thats the same ice cream from an earlier episode.

  9. ^roflmao! The best comment today! head shot... literally!

  10. i suka ur title. haha! epic man.

  11. aku tidak suka korek, hembus sahaja.

  12. @pouleen: it was an accident le.. haha poor daryl...
    @ken: haha... BOOM! *headshot* reminds me of those days at cyber cafe...
    @sumbuddy: thats ken bro... funniest blogger i've known! you shud check him out!
    @felicia: yes! isnt it boogerific? haha use it on a daily basis and it might catch on!
    @parkair: kalau hembus tak keluar then macam maner? lol XD

  13. yuckss!! feel dat..wanna make a page "100,000 bloggers hates abuse on Daryl" >_<

    p/s: go go jamus! jamus wit 3secs icecream!!

  14. dropped by from kenwooi's recommendation. u've got a new fan! ^^

  15. hahaahha luckily is not in the mouth :D but still Ewww.... lol!

  16. @cik bucken: awww.... do we look like we always abuse daryl? ok maybe thats just me lol! gosh! im evil...
    @mike: hi mike! thanks for dropping by from kenwooi! glad you love the comic! :D
    @greenie: haha dam true! imagine walking around but not noticing got booger on ur forehead!

  17. its gross its hilarious...u r damn good in lighting my bad day!!! tq!! haha


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