Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Selamat Hari Merdeka!

This is what I love about my country, Malaysia. Back to back we celebrate so many different things and have so many national occasions that we have so many different holidays all year round.

No wonder we never get things done. But you know what? Malaysia Boleh!

Here's another wallpaper for you guys!
What does this picture remind you of? Answer is below this post.
So Hari Raya (there's a wallpaper and a comic of that) is only in its second day and today we are celebrating National Day! Malaysia damn holiday country lah!

Like this wallpaper? Here it is in two different sizes if you want to download it.
800 x 600
1024 x 768
 As usual, if you want it in a different size other than the two shown above, you can always drop me an email at or drop a request on the comic's Facebook wall page or in the comments section below!

Selamat Hari Merdeka people!

Tugu Negara FTW!


  1. did anybody actually download the wallpapers :))

  2. I downloaded the Xmas one... :p

  3. @anonymous: well, i do hope people actually download them LOL. if not sia-sia only i do :P
    @lee: thanks lee! glad to know that :D
    @syun: thanks syun!

  4. i dh download la..wat a question..u new here ha anoy?

  5. @cik bucken: well if his first time here, i welcome him with open arms! :D *no homo*
    @meck: thanks meck! :)
    @sumbuddy: haha i dont think it will lepas kementerian standards. but thanks lol

  6. Interesting Tugu. nyahaha. celebrating raya half naked on the couch watching tv, playing vid games, guitar and water gun. Only Daryl seems to be in the spirit.

    Anyways, happy Merdeka day to u too :)

  7. @nana: happy merdeka nana:) fun fact: daryl is the most patriotic among us. LOL


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