Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy First to My Dear Comic Series!

Notice anything different today? *you're looking right at it*

Hi! If you are new here, do hang around and check out my cartoons. I'm sure it will be worth your while. Or not. You be the judge.

Aloha Thursday everyone! It's almost the weekend and I can smell the freshness of it already! No wait that's just Jon farting in the living room again.

This is a little longer than usual so please bear with me a little here and read the text first before going onto today's strip.

Seriously what is that smell? Is Jamus experimenting something in the kitchen again?

As some of you may or may not know, "Bro, don't like that la, bro" is turning ONE YEAR OLD TOMORROW! Yes! On 9th September 2011, this webcomic series will turn a year old! How time flies when Daryl  is always in his underwear! Well, it has been a crazy year (not as crazy as knowing and living with the bros for so many years) doing this comic series weekly has been a blast! Thanks to everyone who have been supporting this series thus far and I appreciate all the feedback, comments and emails, good or bad, that you have given me and getting such great remarks from you guys is like having Christmas every day. Without you guys, this comic would have gone down the drain within two months but you guys really made it happen and I am glad to have great readers like you guys!

Therefore, today's episode will be a special massive edition to commemorate this wonderful first year of doing this series! I didn't want to do a "how this comic came to be strip" because in reality this comic came about from a very boring story involving a paper, pencil, a reluctant challenge and a pinch of jealousy but that's a story for another time. Shamus, can you please tone down that Bieber tune? Goddamit.

So here it is, a happy first year strip from me about just another random day in the life of the bros. It's a little special for the guy readers out there because in today's comic we have a little extra sexy-sexy! But I do hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed making it and have a good laugh like you always do!.... You guys do, right?


Happy birthday, my dearest comic series! May I keep churning out great stuff for your cognitive viewing pleasure and may the bros keep getting themselves in hilarious situations so that I can make fun of them over the Internet. Thanks everyone for the continuous support! I love you all!

Oh wait. There's more.
 Bros; I love you guys so much. Keep being awesome guys.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

P.S. Don't forget to check out the "The Bros" page for something something new. No. No sexy-sexy. I'm sorry. Check it out anyways :)

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  1. Fuh!~ wild party!!
    Maybe it's a good thing you din go. You might kena molested and spend the night crying in the showers lols... Happy 1 yr bro ^^

  2. i miss the pool party!! like the next never come!! lol...i still remember when we drink beer in the pool....dam bodoh!!

  3. Happy 1 Year the Bros!! Keep posting Bro!! Will continue supporting U.. ^_^.v..

  4. I never knew Jon's fart smells fresh. LOL

    Congrats on reaching your first year! Keep posting your goofy comics. :D

  5. Happy 1st year! continue being awesome. :D

  6. Haha.Forever alone.Even Daryl got a shot

  7. Addding salt to injury??? haha~ Happy 1st year!!

  8. no exposed boobs? that sucks man.. hehe..

    anyway, happy 1st birthday! may 'Bro, don't like that la, bro' blossom!

  9. Happy birthday, "Bro, don't like that la, bro"!!! Ahaha, that is one CRAZEH partayyyyy~ xD Rugi la you Ernest! xD

  10. The party seems so fun!You should have followed them! XD Happy 1st Birthday to your blog!^^

  11. Btw, I only noticed that you sacrificed going to the party just so you can finish this comic. Dude, you're beyond awesome. :'D

  12. Happy 1 Year...

    tetek is nice eh..hahaha

  13. happy anniversary!
    wow, it must have been hard to draw and colour all the comics.
    Are you using adobe illustrator?

  14. likes Lee's comment :D

    sacrifice is worth it! got so many pengikut setia dude. happy 1 year :DD lets hope for many more years to come where you'll be drawing your bros saggy with white hair :D

  15. wah! congrat! happy tetek day~! haha

    nice work dude!

  16. This is what you call passion. If asked whether you regret, you should put on shades and say IDGAF while posing like "f*ck yea" meme.

  17. Happy Year One!
    Keep churning out great comics

  18. @glo-w: yup it was one wild party i missed. but if girls molest me i wouldnt mind :P thanks glow!
    @aki: thanks aki! you rock bro!
    @fina: thank you fina :)
    @felicia: i hope i can haha thanks felicia!
    @hilmi: lol yeah man. lucky daryl.
    @nana: it was a whole tub of salt. thanks nana!
    @ken: sei hamsap lou asking for naked boobies. nvm you are still good boy :P thanks ken!
    @liz: haha thanks liz! yes SANGAT rugi!
    @syun: if i followed them then no comic worr.. haha thanks syun!
    @lee: thanks lee! well, jon's fart so smell a lil fresh sometimes. if you know what i mean. hohoho. bro, you are more awesome by noticing that hahaha
    @sharkox: tetek is best bro! thanks sharkox!
    @anony: thanks! its not hard just takes a lot of time. yup, using illustrator :D
    @juni3: thanks j00. haha i dont know if the bros will look good in white hair haha
    @dorky guy: super tetek day rocks! thanks bro!
    @sumbuddy: haha yeah IDGAF with shades. with tears streaming as well lol
    @discobala: thanks bro! will keep do that!

  19. bro! XD LOL happy year one? happy birthday blog :D

  20. Happy besday to y'all
    happy besday to y'all
    happy besday to dear bros
    happy besday to you

    Ernest,congrats,keep it up,how time flies,though i seldomly comment,but i did not notice its already a year.

    keep em coming bro

  21. would like to see more of ernest's wild side


  22. Happy Birthday to your comic series =D the new 'the bros' section is just great for lazyass like me! short, precise and ZHUN characters of your bros! looking forward to your second year =DD

  23. the insanities! Surely you regretting not going ar? haha!

  24. For this special case,we will forgive you for the late comic XD Then you can make a super massive edition with you in the party =)

  25. @rascat: ya happy year one! haha thanks zouzou!
    @pitto: thanks pitto:) glad to see you comment again :D
    @joann: i dont have wild side worr...haha
    @ivyT: hi ivy:) glad you like the new bros section. the previous one was too wordy for most ppl haha! thanks so much!
    @ladyviral: haha got la.. little bit regret.. the party was insane!
    @syun: but i memang never go the party how to draw myself inside lol

  26. Happy 1st yr Anniversary bros... So proud of you all! Pls keep the comic coming every week!

  27. @pauline: thanks pauline :) will always have strips twice every week!

  28. tetek = boobs
    bogel = nude/naked


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