Monday, October 10, 2011

Do Not Do This At The Dinner Table, continued

Good Monday morning everyone! Monday blues are back because the bills aren't gonna pay for themselves!


Anyways, we'll continue from where we left off from the previous episode. Yes! Some of you were definitely wondering what happened next. 

Here it is.

Sudden accusation attack always work.
Jon only admitted to me after dinner on the way home.

I never felt so bad in my life.

Clever Jon.


  1. sh*t. I thought jon is innocently simple minded. Apparently he's conceitedly manipulative.

    Poor Jamus.

  2. Sick also still update? Very committed indeed. hehe.

    Jon is very noty~ Kesian Jamus~

  3. Luckily Jon admitted it to you Bro.. LoL.. He's indeed clever.. Ha ha ha.. I Like 'phrase' he uses there 'Usually the person who ask first is actually the one who did it'.. LoL

  4. Hahahaha....very funny..... we (in my family and in my circle of friends) used that same tactics before.....damn funny when expressions changed....

    kesian Jamus.....Jon yg kentut but Jamus is blamed for it.....

  5. Now i pity Jamus...daryl has succesfully harassing 2 people!-three actually if count the waiter in :)

  6. Lesson learned: next time time something smells, blame Jon first, since most of the time he /is/ the culprit. XD

    *peace, ah, Jon.. :P

  7. lol.. i enjoy the scene behind :P

  8. Bad Jon!!! How dare you bully Jamus!! Btw, what did Jon eat? what a powerful attack. X_X eeeee

  9. love the scene behind
    did they drag that guy out???

  10. poor waiter first, poor Jamus second... XD

  11. hahahahaha... I love the ppl at the back.
    Still complaining and scolding at the back.

  12. There bound to be a friend like Jon in a group of friends XD

  13. aiyaa .. kesian jamus .. bad jon .. haha ..

  14. Poor Jamus... i wonder what will Jamus do after seeing this post. Lol
    Did Jon had petai before that? How can it be that bad? It's quite mind boggling... lol

  15. @sumbuddy: you have no idea the amount of evil manipulation that jon is capable of! LOL
    @nana: well, im sick, not my readers. so no choice kan? haha jon mmg noty
    @fina: ya poor him!
    @aki: lol that phrase originated from daryl actually
    @galisin88: i guess we all have blamed someone else for our farts before XD
    @hilmi: bro, daryl's not in this strip la bro
    @lee: haha YEAH! blame jon first! AND FAST!
    @ken: LOL glad you noticed the back antics!
    @anonymous: jon bullies everyone! have no idea what he ate tho. his fart always very smelly one
    @CZ: haha! yeah the guy was dragged out. but in real life he simply just stormed off.
    @eesoon: LOL glad you saw what was happening behind!
    @kelvin: ya! are you that kind of friend? haha
    @murnie: jon is a bad boy eh
    @shirley: haha he actually knew bout it on the way back from dinner already. just bising at jon only in the car. have no idea what jon ate before that. his fart always dam pekung one

  16. A trick i used often as well!!...hahha oh well

  17. "But memang not me laa"..hahahha.. poor Jamus..

  18. Awwwwwww. Poor Jamus! Bad, bad Jon!!!! (But memang very clever lar! :P)


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