Monday, November 28, 2011

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Good Monday morning and a happy Awal Muharram to all Muslims out there!

Yes. That means another public holiday in Malaysia! To all non Malaysians who at the office now tinkering on the usual Monday blues, here is a comic. At least it would help you forget about the blues for the next minute or so.

In today's strip, we shall explore a little bit more about Jon.


New word of the day: "Kotek" means penis.
Apparently, Jon is a huge prankster.

Freaking trolls everyone if he could. Especially after he buys a new pair of scissors. Never joke around with him about getting a haircut.

That asshole.

Before signing off, do check out the comic's official Facebook page for there is a special video just uploaded about a day ago and it has a special announcement in the end! It's a bit lengthy at the start but you can actually see a real life version of me! A good way to see how I really look like (and talk) in real life! So, what are you waiting for? Go and view that video now!


  1. O.o scary, i guess shamus had to go to the hari saloon to tidy up his hair?

  2. Everyone has a kid in themselves... XD

  3. haha,now Jon should hide his scissors before Shamus throws it away! XD

  4. Hahaha, I wonder how many people has fallen into Jon's trap? =P Oh Oh a wicked idea! What if Jasmine kena? *evil grins*

  5. Nasib baik hair yang kena potong, bukan kotek yang kena lololol.

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  7. hahahaha.......i was like "oh S**t, he's dead!" when Jon did what happen after that fiasco?.....(edited....typo mistake)

    btw....i've seen the video....i was surprised to see u, dan khoo in the flesh......can't wait for the surprise.....oops.....declared too early :P i'm not a fan yet of pouline's and akiraceo's comic blog since dan khoo's bolehland and urs were the first comic blogs i've come across.....keep it up:D

  8. Your house never sunyi kan? haha

  9. Sh*t, Jon nampak macam blur2 je, but when it comes to prank, macam haram! XD

    *wonders about jon, jasmine & a pair of scissors...* hmmmm...

  10. omg~ but give him a chance la. mayb he has a secret desire to be a hair stylist? ^^

  11. use his new scissors and snip his pubic hairs when he's asleep would be a sweet revenge..haha

  12. @anonymous: haha well he definitely needed professional help on his hair after what jon did!
    @nylia: LOL thats true! ever have anyone you know that does this?
    @UHaiman: from tetek to kotek XD
    @una: he damn rascal la that jon.
    @syun: haha jon can always buy another pair should shamus throw away his scissors
    @aujinz: kotek betul si jon haha
    @jeffro: i dont think jon dares to do it to jasmine. its too cruel but mostly he might die attempting it haha
    @lala: i will ROFLMAO with you!
    @vince: aiyo! that one cannot oh! sakit tau!
    @galisin88: haha stay tuned to find out:D thanks for watching the video!
    @fina: tak pernah. the house selalu meriah.
    @sumbuddy: LOL that is true. he is a troll class prankster! jasmine? i dont think he will ever dare do that to her.
    @glo-w: haha how to give him chance when he totally destroyed shamus's hair? LOL.. his secret desire is to prank ppl i think

  13. actually he just follow the order :p

  14. @eric lee jon dun have pubic hair! opps

  15. Oh man,haven't seen the video yet.. Damn,gonna see this soon.. Ha ha ha..

  16. OMG, I'd KILL someone who messed up my fringe! No one touches my fringe but ME, now (ever since a mishap, once T.T) which is why I learned to cut my own fringe! :D

  17. Isn't it "Kote" instead of "Kotek" ?

    Still, I ROFL'ed when I read it. :)

  18. yeah its kote.. not kotek la.. better be kotex trus..


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