Monday, November 21, 2011

No, Thank You

Monday is back once again! Here's a question:

Have you ever met certain people in public requesting something but you have to decline and it happened so often it became like a habit of yours?

Today's strip has something to do with it.

Let's see if you get the message in today's comic.

Time to break the habit.
A little translation is required I guess:
Second frame: "Hello handsome boy! You want to watch some DVDs? Very good! Very satisfying! I have porno!"
Third frame: "Alms please. I need to smoke some wee- oops! I mean my mom is very sick at home..."

Moral of the story: Always say yes to people (chicks) who want to take picture with you.

Lesson learnt.

Say yes more often.

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She is having me at gunpoint.
He promised me awesome boobie pictures.
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  1. Perhaps it would be easier if you took the time and listened to the request before answering? Saying "No" is so much easier especially when we're occupied with other things :D

  2. what if a guy asked for a picture then? will daryl say no thank you too? lol

  3. haha must run back to the chick and say yes ma!!

  4. Next time if I want to take picture with you, you don't say no ah! xD

  5. aiyo..missed out on taking photos with chicks XD

  6. optimist daryl is no longer optimist. Daryl haz a sadding now.

  7. haha..Next he will surely look at the person before refusing! XD

  8. LOL. if this is based on a true story, i might hv to make my way there and slap some sense into you!!

  9. hahaha.. is this a real incident..??

  10. ehehe~ but still, Daryl very polite one~ Saying No, Thank You. Some people simply ignore and others are just simply rude~

  11. omg daryl.. missed the chance .. haha

  12. You should watch Yes Men movie. Always say YES!

    nice cleavage! :P hehehe

  14. nowadays say yes to chick also need to look carefully only say yes oh.. *wink* haha..

  15. what a waste! these kind of chances will not always come back...:D

  16. LOL! Poor daryl.. I take photo with him la.. But i not a chick.. Hahaha..

  17. Oh damn.. some unlucky guy out there.. Ha ha ha.. :-p..

  18. @theeggyolks: LOL with you!! XD
    @pelf: haha he might have been too distracted and habitual thats y keep saying no to everyone.
    @anonymous: hmm.. good question! i shall ask him! haha.. but i think he will say yes
    @eric: the chick long gone d lo bro
    @agnes: haha i dont think he will say no:) ask him when you see him k? XD
    @hunny kitty: haha you saying no thank you to who?
    @cutebun: im sure he will have more chances.. this is just one of those he missed :P
    @sharkox: high five bro! haha
    @sumbuddy: nah! he emo for sekejap only haha
    @syun: im sure of that as well! he will definitely look up next time!
    @adam: lol!! please do!!
    @pohvin: that, you have to ask daryl himself!
    @nana: that is why daryl is constantly awesome!
    @robin: jackpot? does that mean i win a million dollars? XD
    @murnie: haha yeah a missed chance! but im sure there's more to come!
    @aujinz: why win??? lol! he phailed la!
    @ken: ken oh ken.. i think u the only one who will mention the cleavage! lol
    @yinto: eh? why need to be careful? haha
    @邁爾斯 阿波羅: haha but for daryl, he always gets lots of chances!
    @chuan guan: wah! finally a first comment from you! YES LAH BRO haha!
    @lala: awww... don say like that :)
    @aki: haha daryl was actualy lucky.. he just didnt make full use of it

  19. ernest ... i'm quoting back what daryl says...hahahhahaha!!!

    what did robin means is...jackpot = dah kene beb!

  20. Anyway, thanks for the translation. =)

  21. No worries, confirm got more chicks coming you guys' way with all the exposure you're getting recently! :P

  22. T3T But at least he got ppl to approach him unlike.. the guy who pretend he's a cat XD

  23. lol, where's Jamus's loading screen?? XD

  24. untung daryl ada gak chicks nak bergambar dgn dia.

  25. Finally Daryl say the F word!


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