Monday, November 14, 2011

Toilet Cockroach, part 2

Aaannnd I'm back from yet another trip! How have you guys been?

It's Monday and you know what that means: Time to work your ass for your boss so you don't get fired. Or slack off and ready today's comic!

But a special message to those engulfed in the turmoils of examinations. Here's a wish from me and the bros: GOOD LUCK AND ALL THE BEST!

Don't f*** up.

So, continuing from where we left off last week, I encountered a roach in the toilet and enlisted Jamus's 'expertise' to rid off that vermin. He didn't do a very good job. Turns out the "demon's" rampage was far from over and was only the beginning when it continued to ignite deeper fear into our souls and escalate the entire household into utter madness.

Okay, I might have exaggerated on that. But that sonofabitch did commit more atrocities in that small area of the house within that short period of time.

Here is how.

Click here to read PART 1 first if you haven't.

Always run away from Jamus the Mr. Cockroach-face.

I shall stop screaming so much from now on. I promise.

Have an awesome Monday and an awesome week ahead everyone!


  1. yeaaaah.. !!!~

    now thats a clever lipas.

  2. eewwww max!! but i ever had a huge mother cicak landing on my head....sakit oo!! damn geli sumore >.<

  3. haha,your reaction in the last part looks so kesian! Hope you guys manage to kill it! =)

  4. If my sister kena like that, I bet she'll faint. She hates lipas to the max!!

  5. this kind of scene ever happen once when my 2nd elder brother was on a roach-killing spree....the lipas flies!!, my older sibling all duck from the flying lipas and it landed on my 2nd elder brother from the back.....

    oh the female scream that comes from my bro when it landed on my bro.....

    long story short....he managed to kill it....with my elder bro's help....

    p/s: until now he's traumatic from the flying roach and always whips out ridsect/(any brand) when a roach is spotted.....

  6. Hey Ernest.. This is your chance to smack Jamus in da faces.. Damn.. Ha ha ha.. :-p.. Kill the Roach!!

  7. normally i would just turn on the shower head and try to blast it into the drainage...i thought it would be a good time to take the mag and smash his face with it? hahaha epic as usual

  8. @hafiz: whose side are you on?!! lol
    @madwitch: that actually happened to me before!!! it smacked my head so hard that I thought someone hit me with a coconut!!
    @murnie: y u kesian jamus only... T3T i was so scared you know...
    @syun: haha yes! that was how terrified I was! bad news was: we didnt manage to kill it. it was too quick and smart!! this cockroach damned experienced!
    @nana: what about you? dont lie say you not scared ah cos i wont believe you
    @galisin88: a crawling roach is not so bad. a fast moving one is quite bad. a flying one is F***IN INSANELY TRAUMATIC! i know how ur bro feels
    @anastasia: but i dont like the smell.. mati mati also tak mau guna! theres no ridsect in my house
    @fina: thanks fina.. that was actually comforting!
    @aki: you smack la! i am not touching it with my hands!
    @eric: haha like i said in my previous posting, i would not want to do that. what if it flies to me pulak???

  9. damn cockroach so smart. no wonder can survive since after jurassic age.

  10. heck ya, this is by far the best monday in weeks!! =D Thanks Jamus =P

  11. Perghh lipas yang paling ditakuti adalah lipas terbang!!



    That was my worst nightmare, right there! Jamus, my heart goes out to you, you poor damaged, traumatised soul, you! T___T

  13. hahaha.. wtf.. i would have died!!!

  14. YEEEEE I would scream my lungs out if it happens to me. Is there going to be Part 3 >_<

  15. Omg I hate it when they fly! like demons on wings >_<" thats why I usually try to kill them asap. slipper, shampoo bottle, tissue, ANYTHING!

  16. @sumbuddy: thats why. we were like stupid cavemen compared to it.
    @jeffro: jamus's misery is makes you happy? haha thats kinda messed up!
    @eesoon: lol come to think of it yeah it kinda is though i was so freaked out when it happened
    @parkair: kalo dorang start terbang jgn harap nak menang dah haha
    @lala: what bout me? T.T no poor me? lol
    @liz: i think everyone hates them when they fly! you experienced something like this before?
    @exterminator charlotte: you are an exterminator??? come help us!
    @ken: lol! its just a lipas wont die one! but congrats bro! i jelly u now
    @agnes: haha i think the whole house will turn upside down! no haha no part 3 this is the end of it. the cockroach flew away from jamus's face ans scuttled away.
    @glo-w: we tried! but its so smart and very clever to avoid jamus's attacks!

  17. Jamus is more traumatized than you are. Unless it flies to your face then i will say poor you. Lol..

  18. USE SHIELDTOX!! and watch it die slowly. lol. then throw in toilet bowl n flush! works for me everytime. :D

  19. there's one time in morning my fren manage to kill lipas and that night all the lipas family come and attack us

    it felt just like a scary movie

  20. that must be a well trained cockroach :D

  21. Well, I geli lipas oso, but I don't scream and run nonsensically around. As long as it don't fly on me, I can still calmly walk around like it's not there~~ lol

  22. @lala: haha yeah u have a point. he is definitely more traumatized now
    @felicia: but i dont like the smell of shieldtox and never use them if possible! but dont they come from the toilet? i dont think they will die if you flush them
    @pouleen: yikes indeed!!!
    @CZ: omg... serious ah? revenge wei! haha then what happened?
    @邁爾斯 阿波羅: this cockroach got degree one. very well educated!
    @nana: lol! better not to ignore it or it might come for you!


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