Monday, May 7, 2012

Super Powers

Good morning! How's Monday so far?

I should really stop asking the obvious.

Another week has gone past and apparently topics of superheroes and superpowers still linger around in the wake of that new Avenger movie. It seems that we cannot get rid of that childlike imagination in us just yet even though we are already full grown adults.

So, I decided to ask the bros on what kind of superpowers do they wish to have?

Here are the bros feedback.

Daryl is a genius.
I somehow suspect that Daryl's real superpower is mind manipulation.

So, what's your superpower of choice if you could have one?

One thing for sure is that the bros will be a bunch of pervert superheroes.

With Daryl as the leader of course.

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*Haha. Just kidding. Of course I won't stab you. Haha.*

Have a great week ahead!


  1. Nope...time stopping better...if u know what i mean....haha

    1. Agreed. You can only do so much with invisibility. Space-time manipulation is better by far. XD

  2. I wonder what Jon would have chosen? Other than invisibility, that is.. :P

  3. yes.....thats my wish you you dont

  4. lol, u guys~
    well, actually, mind manipulating works as well~ heheh~

  5. I think in the previous life, Daryl was my brotha from another motha. We share the same thoughts...Hehehehe..*evil laughs*

  6. why don't Daryl choose x-ray vision.
    at least his wish can be fulfilled. to see someone d***. ;p

  7. Daryl some what scares me ahhahah!

  8. This reminds me of the video... Lol...

  9. unless you had invented the invisble suit..
    if not then you might catch cold all the time .. LOL
    i agree with nana .. mind manipulating is the best super power....

  10. Daryl's perversion never ends.
    n i too choose invisibility

  11. i want something like a "sharingan" >_<" (hardcore naruto fan)

  12. The power to terminate other people's superpowers!<---This is the best power ever!!

  13. Voted for you the first time! :) I so good lah. Haha. Anyways keep up the funnies!

  14. lol~ you guys are such a pervy xD
    if me.. invisible too! hahaha.. XD

  15. I'd be terrified if you guys were invisible "superheroes"!!!! @.@

  16. The best power I had ever imagine since


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